Author: Cristen Eberly

Am I a high potential employee?

How leaders evaluate performance is usually pretty clear; you have your key performance indicators (KPIs), SMART goals and various metrics. What is often more murky is how potential is evaluated. Performance is based on what you have done but potential is based on what you could do- feels a bit like fortune telling at times! LEARN MORE

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RG Group’s Investment in People (Part 1)

Evaluating employees and determining who should be promoted is one of the most rewarding and challenging parts of my job. We all like to hear the success stories of someone coming into a company in an entry-level position and moving up the ranks. However what we don’t like to talk about are all of the times that companies promote beyond someone’s abilities; the individual is taken from a role that they excel in and are put in a role that they fail in. That is the scenario that I strive to avoid at all costs. People are critical to...

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