Author: Ed Walker

The perfect Vacuum Pump Solution for your industrial vacuum system

There are COMMON PROBLEMS faced in a range of industrial applications such as plastics, glass, bottling, canning, woodworking, packaging, printing, papermaking and many more.   THE PROBLEMS: Changing flow requirements Your system is tuned just right for 3 operators, but if another comes online or goes offline, the vacuum level either decreases or increases. Constant on/off operation of a vacuum pump piloted by a vacuum switch leads to high maintenance and reliability problems. High power consumption Inefficient units with long run times, operating at maximum vacuum use huge amounts of electrical power, driving up utility costs. Maintenance costs and...

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I Need a Vacuum Pump that Really Sucks!!!

I have heard this request MANY times over the years and have found more often than not, that the lack of performance experienced in VACUUM APPLICATIONS has LITTLE TO DO with the pump and much to do with simple plumbing considerations or effector sizing. Putting a much larger pump on a restrictive system is inefficient and can have limited effect on system or effector (vacuum cups or similar) performance.

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Air Motor Connection… the basics

What does an effective air motor hook up look like? PROPER SIZE The air supply piping to the air motor main supply should be at least one National Pipe Thread (NPT) size larger than the porting on the motor itself. This includes couplings, elbows, valves, tees and control accessories. The larger size keeps pressure loss to a minimum and helps maintain optimal performance. VALVES It’s critical to check the valves in a system for proper size. While valves may manifest the correct, upsized NPT, the orifice inside may not be large enough. It needs to provide the correct amount...

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