Author: Patrick Gross

My thoughts after reading: True North by Bill George

In a recent book I just completed, True North, the author (Bill George) touched on just that… being excited about your future. Finding your  “True North” or true passion in your work. We’ve all seen videos where an average person lifts a car off the ground the save a child. Or maybe it’s Will Smith’s comment about being willing to die on a treadmill if you’re trying to outlast him.

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Peak Performance Book Review (Rest is your new Red Bull)

A close friend recommended a new book that I was able to get through over the holiday break and I felt compelled to share some of the take away’ s with our company, customers and stakeholders.

The title of the book is Peak Performance (Elevate Your Game, Avoid Burnout and Thrive with The New Science of Success). DISCLAIMER: I added a little personal flare to the title of this blog post: Rest is your new Red Bull)

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Programming Cobot’s just got easier!

Just two weeks ago, a new robotics company hit the scene in Germany – Wandelbots. They have made a big splash in a short period of time. Wandelbots developed technology over the past two years that will give end customers the ability to program a cobot (collaborative robot) through movement. So… what exactly does that mean?

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Robotics Trends for 2018

Time flies! Thanksgiving is right around the corner and soon another year will have passed. If you’ve been keeping track of our progress here at RG you may have seen that we have jumped into the deep end of the world of automation and robotics. It’s been exciting. We’ve made investments in people, hardware, and sales efforts. We’ve sold, deployed and engaged with many new customers who are taking advantage of collaborative robotic technology and AMR’s. So what’s coming in the next twelve months? According to Brandeis University’s research here are 5 trends we expect to see in 2018....

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Beer Pouring Robot

Last month a customer of ours came up with the idea of having Sawyer, a collaborative robot, pour beers for their prospective customers at a show in Philadelphia. Our engineering team was willing to take on the task. I had the opportunity to attend the show and interact with the robot, the keg, and the customers. One year ago Sawyer wouldn’t have been able to accomplish this task. Here are some of the features of the most recent software update (Intera 5) that make the robot more capable: Integrated Vision: With the most recent update Sawyer utilizes a Cognex camera embedded...

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