Author: Paul Moretz

Stainless Steel Fittings vs. Welding

Advantages of Parker CPI™ Single Ferrule Instrumentation Tube Fittings vs Welding Safety In order to guarantee a quality welded tube system, welders require extensive training, experience and certification. Additional certifications may be required to work in specific environments and other countries. CPI™ fitting installation techniques can be taught in a single, short class. Welds must be pressure tested and X-rayed to ensure they are properly done. CPI™ joins can be quickly checked with an installation gauge to ensure proper makeup. Service Welding is a permanent attachment method. Once a weld is made the part must be damaged or destroyed...

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Buna Seals vs. Viton Seals: Which is worth the money?

Spending more money always means something is better, right?  When it comes to choosing to seal material, nothing could be more false. When comparing Buna rubber, (also known as Nitrile, Buna-N, Perbunan or NBR) and fluorocarbon (also known as Viton) both provide excellent compression set resistance and both are designed to resist most oils and lubricants, especially petroleum-based lubricants. Viton is better at 200° F, but not necessarily at 140° F. That is where most applications are. So often I hear customers say “I don’t needViton but give me Viton so it will last longer” when picking a cylinder...

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