Author: Rich Freeh

“Manufacturing Services”… Meeting the challenge!

As an active participant and supporter of USA manufacturing for over 4 decades, I have seen both the glory days and the decline in our once vibrant domestic manufacturing segment. I am not a psychic, but I can see the future of our manufacturing and it looks like the dawn of a new day. The revival has all the feel of a locomotive, we see it starting off slowly, but once the train leaves the station it’s going to pick up speed. The momentum of this movement will create prosperity and security for the USA and in turn, the world.

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Winning Matters… in sports, in relationships, and in business.

Human nature being what it is, we all want to win. The big question is… What is winning, and how do we know when we are winning? In business, like sports, the scoreboard is easily visible and clearly defined. Success is measured in terms of consistently making our business plan or budget on a quarterly and annual basis. But beyond the numbers, how can we look deeper into the reasons we are winning consistently, or are inconsistent in achieving our goals? I think I know the answer. It’s culture. “Culture versus Scheme” is a hotly debated topic in both sports and...

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The Top 3 Ways Manufacturing 4.0 Is Adapting To An Aging Population

It is clear that there is a strong movement to bring manufacturing jobs back to the US shores. Why are manufacturing jobs so critical to the overall strength of the US economy? It is simply the manufacturing multiplier effect.  Depending on the industry, for every one direct manufacturing job created, a support service network of 2-3 service provider roles will also be created in supply chain or other services. Clearly, due to this multiplier effect, manufacturing matters a great deal in our economic well-being and our overall strength as a country. There are many challenges for new and existing...

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Get a “best in class” solution with TRI-TECHNOLOGY

AS I SEE IT… As a design and build Motion and Control Technology Center for a variety of mechanical disciplines, we frequently see customers that don’t always know which mechanical technology will be most effective for a specific new automation or material handling application. We’re experiencing a situation where a customer needs a new mechanical system or retrofit and is looking for turnkey levels of expertise to reduce the time spent from their team’s perspective. They want a partner with technical experience in machine design, applications and the ability to effectively match the specific project with the appropriate mechanical solutions of...

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Four critical aspects in selecting an outsourced flexible manufacturing partner

AS I SEE IT… The single largest challenge for most manufacturing leaders is a proactive cost containment program. Manufacturing operating expenses continue to ratchet up based on many factors out of their individual control. Federal and state legislation add layers of complexity and risk. Associate health care costs continue to escalate. The cost of training new associates and the lack of predictable productivity from new associates slow the commitment to make the investment in new full-time associates. So the question remains, how do manufacturers with accelerating demands meet their market demand while minimizing risk and providing an excellent customer...

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