Author: Steve Graby

The RG Group – Finding Ways To Save Energy And Money

Have you ever tried to save your company costs in your manufacturing processes? Often times, you need to think outside of the box. At RG group, we are very adept at finding innovative ways of saving manufacturing costs. Take the Atlas Copco variable speed drive vacuum pumps for instance. A customer in Lancaster Pennsylvania was able to do just that, save manufacturing costs by saving on their KW energy consumption.

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How Listening For Compressed Air Can Reduce Manufacturing Costs

Reducing costs to increase revenue is the name of the game in manufacturing. And as such, smart businesses, run by CEOs, CFOs, plant managers and maintenance departments, spend time identifying ways to reduce costs. A few common areas of cost consumption include labor, materials and overhead. For manufacturers using large amounts of compressed air, it’s also important to explore how to reduce Kw usage as a viable way to save money and increase the bottom line. You might even get some electric service supplier rebate monies for this cost reduction. Identifying how to reduce your Kw usage can start...

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