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Which Pump Will Work with Your Portable Hydraulic System?

Portable hydraulic tools are taking over more tasks that would otherwise require dangerous and strenuous human labour. These time and back-saving devices make significantly lighter work of a plethora of plant maintenance chores such as lifting equipment, tightening and loosening bolts, spreading flanges, and cutting corroded nuts. As powerful as these tools are, using the right pump is crucial to ensuring safety and efficiency on the job.

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Cyber Security – HTTP vs HTTPS

For the next topic in my cyber security series, I’d like to touch on how to recognize secure websites. Before you put any of your personal information into any website, you should make sure the site is secure. The first thing you’ll look for is whether the site is using ‘http’ or ‘https’.

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What are some of the new trends in manufacturing

This new year is already halfway through, and it is time to think about all the new technologies that are available for improving manufacturing processes. New concepts such as the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and green practices are all at the forefront of a fascinating surge of technology that is constantly driving new innovations. Whether companies are positioned to take advantage of these ideas or not, they need to understand them and be able to act when

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The RG Group – Finding Ways To Save Energy And Money

Have you ever tried to save your company costs in your manufacturing processes? Often times, you need to think outside of the box. At RG group, we are very adept at finding innovative ways of saving manufacturing costs. Take the Atlas Copco variable speed drive vacuum pumps for instance. A customer in Lancaster Pennsylvania was able to do just that, save manufacturing costs by saving on their KW energy consumption.

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