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How Parker’s LV & EZ Lock-Out Valves Keep People Safe

Do you have pneumatic applications in your facility that need to be energy isolated to keep your employees safe? Do you require both PLC controlled and manually actuated lockout devices? Are you sure that proper lockout/tag out procedures are being followed when servicing your pneumatic machines? Are standard ball valves being used to shut off the pneumatic supply that can trap pneumatic pressure in your components? Does your isolation device verify that pressure in the system has been relieved? Do you need to isolate machines, but also need to use stainless steel due to wash down or chemical compatibility? If any of these situations apply to your facility the Parker LV or EZ valves may be the answer to these applications.

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Parker’s Virtual Engineer is an innovative design tool for linear motion applications in automation.

Is sizing your pneumatic actuators cumbersome? Do you need to use numerous tools or hand calculations and still aren’t sure how your actuator will perform in its application? Even after you size the components, there are so many choices. So, how do you compare them? You can solve all of those situations with the all new Parker Virtual Engineer.

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