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Parker’s Virtual Engineer is an innovative design tool for linear motion applications in automation.

Is sizing your pneumatic actuators cumbersome? Do you need to use numerous tools or hand calculations and still aren’t sure how your actuator will perform in its application? Even after you size the components, there are so many choices. So, how do you compare them? You can solve all of those situations with the all new Parker Virtual Engineer.

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What Are The Costs of Compressed Air?

Why should you care about the cost of compressed air to power your pneumatics? In my business, we solve problems. Maybe your problem today is that you need automation to assemble your product. Are you going to do a bunch of calculations to figure out if your specification should dictate if the machinery is driven with pneumatics, hydraulics or electro-mechanical, likely not?

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“Manufacturing Services”… Meeting the challenge!

As an active participant and supporter of USA manufacturing for over 4 decades, I have seen both the glory days and the decline in our once vibrant domestic manufacturing segment. I am not a psychic, but I can see the future of our manufacturing and it looks like the dawn of a new day. The revival has all the feel of a locomotive, we see it starting off slowly, but once the train leaves the station it’s going to pick up speed. The momentum of this movement will create prosperity and security for the USA and in turn, the world.

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What Is Stainless Steel Galling And What Causes It?

Galling can be the most frustrating part of using stainless steel hardware and can even cause the threads to completely seize, sometimes to the point of no-return!
With all the benefits of stainless steel materials, you don’t need to avoid them because of galling. Being aware of its challenges and taking precautions when using stainless steel parts, you can avoid the hours of headache and rework.

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What is the reluctance to use the standard phonetic alphabet?

In my business we use letters and numbers to call out part numbers or model codes. Many times when we are speaking on the phone words are used to represent letters, but people seem to make up their own words like using September for “S”, when most people know that the only calendar designation is “N” for November? If people are making up the word designations then there must be a need to clarify a letter clearly, right? If you were in any of the armed forces around the world you surely used a standard set of words to represent the alphabet.

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Often Overlooked Hydraulic System Diagnostics

One of the often overlooked elements of hydraulic system design and implementation is the gathering of system diagnostic information. This can help identify any flaws or shortcomings in the system design details and also help to protect the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) from unfounded warranty claims, as well as aiding with predictive maintenance plans and system life expectancy.

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Top 10 Companies that Focus on the Next Generation of Autonomous Mobile Robotics

Intelligent machines seem to be taking over the world, and with the rise of the autonomous robots, the game is changing considerably. This next generation of mobile robots is being used already in various fields like healthcare, automotive, aerospace, and the gas and oil field. The wide deployment of these robots is being used in areas like scouting, logistics operations, and even improvised explosive device handling.

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My thoughts after reading: True North by Bill George

In a recent book I just completed, True North, the author (Bill George) touched on just that… being excited about your future. Finding your  “True North” or true passion in your work. We’ve all seen videos where an average person lifts a car off the ground the save a child. Or maybe it’s Will Smith’s comment about being willing to die on a treadmill if you’re trying to outlast him.

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How Pneumatic System Contamination Causes Failures

Are your pneumatic systems having frequent component failures costing you expensive downtime? Have your pneumatic valves been sticking in their position and not shifting? Are you finding water in your pneumatic components? If so, contamination is likely the main source of your failures and removing these contaminants is key to getting your systems operating more reliably for you.

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