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Allegheny Fluid Power

Founded in 1983 near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Allegheny Fluid Power has field and in-house product experts to help western Pennsylvanians, West Virginians, and western Marylanders successfully implement their pneumatic and automation projects.

We offer:

Alkon Corportion
Brass US, metric and Hybrid US to metric and metric to US push-in fittings. Brass compression and push-in and compression DOT fittings. Brass hose barbs and garden hose fittings. Brass pipe fittings. Quick disconnects and manifolds. Flow control, needle/check valves and plastic tubing. 
1/2" thru 4" brass or stainless steel cylinders, valve-in-head cylinders, Cyl-Checks for feed control, air clamps, rotary index tables and 1/8" thru 1/2" control valves.
High performance fluoropolymer and fluoroplastic (Teflon®) tubing and pipe.
American Cylinder Co.
5/16" - 3" bore stainless body, 3/4" - 2 1/2" bore aluminum body, 5/16" - 1 1/2" bore linear slides, 1 1/2" - 5" bore pancake and 9/16" - 8" multi-stage 250psi air cylinders. Industry interchangeable. Flow Controls.
Sensors, linear transducers, RFID Systems and Connectors.

Quick connect and disconnect couplings and fittings for plastic tubing. Designed for a broad range of uses in medical, biopharmaceutical, chemical handling, industrial, food processing and hundreds of other applications. Available in 1/16” to 1” nominal flow sizes and in a variety of configurations, terminations and materials. Dripless, non-spill, RFID-enabled, multi-line and customized solutions.

Compact Automation
½" thru 8" and 8 - 40mm bore space-saving cylinders. Two and three finger angular and parallel robotic grippers, collet closers and intensifiers. Guided 180° twist and special cylinders. Precision flow controls and alignment couplers.
D&B Custom Wiring
Design and manufacture industrial control systems and wiring harnesses.

Clamps, grippers, indexers, slides, conveyors, robotic tooling and remote handling products.

Manual, pneumatic and electric actuated 2 and 3-way 1/8" - 3" ball and 2-way 1" - 30" butterfly valves. OSHA safety lockout valves.
Finite Filters
Pneumatic coalescing filters.
Plastic tubing in polyurethane, nylon, polyethylene, PVC and others.
Air motors, air compressors, motor-driven and single/multi-venturi vacuum pumps, tank systems and regenerative blowers.
Level switches, pressure switches, pressure transducers, flow switches, miniature solenoid valves, proximity switches and liquid level controls.
Refurbished articulating robots. Parts, automation and welding cells.
John Guest
Acetal and polypropylene push-in fittings in US to ½" OD tube x ½" npt and metric to 22mm OD tube x 3/4"bspt. ¼" - ½" polypropylene shutoff valves. Polyethylene tubing in US to ½" OD and metric to 12mm. Domestic plumbing, push-in fittings and valves. 
Master Pneumatic
1/8" - 2" filters, regulators, lubricators and combos in four modular sizes. Serv Oil injection lubricators, reclassifiers, OSHA lockout valves, pressure switches and Filenco desiccant dryer/filters.
Unitized brass, nickel-plated brass, aluminum and stainless steel barb and pipe air, fluid fittings, manifolds and orifices.
New Age Industries
Plastic tubing in PVC, polyurethane, nylon, polyethylene, polypropylene, Teflon®, TPR, viton, latex and silicon. Custom tubing, assemblies, fittings and couplings.
Steel manifolds, thermowell sensors, stainless steel tubing, thermowells, Pilot Pro™ System, Parker Vent Master system, CB Series check valves, CCIMS manifold valves, Phastite fittings 
Safety sensors and controls for industry, including light curtains, safety mats and palm buttons.
PUREGAS is a leading designer and manufacturer of air dryers to remove water vapor and gases.

Also see Twin Tower Engineering.
Rethink Robotics
Smart and Collaborative. Robots for the Real World. Our smart, collaborative robots adapt to real-world variability, are agile enough to change applications quickly, and perform tasks like people do. They're the perfect fit for many of the 90% of manufacturing tasks that can't be practically automated today.
Belt and palletized conveyors, parallel and angular 2 - 3 finger grippers, linear thrusters, slides, gantry slides, rotary actuators, tool changers, mounting stanchions and accessories featuring our exclusive Direct Connect assembly system. Modular end effectors.
Rotomation has maintained its service and product reputation in the manufacture of practical, durable, rotary actuators that produce a variety of shaft motions such as rotary, stepping, indexing and pick-and-place actuators.. They provide direct process actuation for reliable, high speed operation. All units are assembled to order, and approximately 40% are specials.
Bowls, hoppers, inline feeders, conveyors, gravity tracks and high-performance escapements.
Pneumatic control valves, actuators, filters, regulators, lubricators, flow control valves, fittings, tubing and accessories.
TRD Manufacturing
1½" - 10" NFPA air cylinders, air/oil tanks, linear alignment couplers and presses. Options include: triple rod, stainless steel, mid-positioning and more.
Modular structural aluminum extrusions, linear slides, fittings and accessories
Twin Tower Engineering
Point-of-use desiccant and membrane compressed air dryers, for .4 - 50 scfm.

Also see Pure Gas.

Universal Components, Inc
Sintered bronze breathers, exhaust and speed control mufflers, inline filters, relief valves, gauges and ball valves. 
Valley Industries
Pressure and temperature gauges, plastic and brass barb fittings, stainless steel pipe fittings, ball valves and accessories.
World Magnetics
Ultra-sensitive pressure and vacuum switches featuring the military approved PSF100A shock and vibration resistant switch and the Goldtech HVAC.

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