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There was a time not too long ago that Americans generally bought things that were "Made in America". This was true as recently as 30 years ago when domestic manufacturers produced 90 percent of the products that were sold in the United States. However, that figure would fall rapidly over the next two decades, declining to only 10 percent in 2008 in certain industries. According to:

Fortunately, American entrepreneurs and the small businesses they have created in recent years have raised the prospect of bringing manufacturing back to the United States, which can, in turn, restore both the American economy and the American dream. A rise in domestic manufacturing will have the effect of creating more American jobs, increasing productivity and lowering costs.

Here are five advantages to domestic manufacturing

Improved Communications

The ability to discuss business or product issues in person or over the phone greatly improves the communications between the manufacturers, contractors, and sellers. Domestic manufacturing eliminates the problems associated with long-distance communications, including time zones, infrastructure matters, and overseas travel.

Lower Production Requirements

A minimum order in the United States can be as fewer than 100 units. Lower production requirements open the door to greater incremental growth while exposing businesses to fewer risks. Minimum production orders can over time increase to 200, then 500, 1,000 and even 2,000 units. This philosophy allows businesses to operate at their own pace and eliminates the need to maintain large inventories.

Faster Turnaround

Local production can reduce shipping and lead times. Although the situation will vary between companies, domestic manufacturing times are generally less than when the work is done overseas. Domestic production can also eliminate the need for excessive prototyping and reduce the time needed for shipping.

Reduced Waste

Small-scale production carried out in the United States eliminates the overproduction that often comes with doing things internationally. This can reduce the number of units that have to be returned or re-engineered because they did not work properly or for whatever reason did not meet certain requirements. Domestic manufacturing can thus counter the problem of businesses having warehouses of items that have been rejected or are simply obsolete.

Quality Control

Problems often arise during the manufacturing of simple or complex systems. These problems can include anything from the discovery of issues with the design or issues discovered in the field. However, these issues can be discussed and resolved faster when manufacturing is done in the United States rather than in another country or on another continent. This can increase the pace of production and help guarantee that the product meets its requirements. It is for this and other reasons why domestic manufacturing is good for business and good for America!

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