Innovative Motion Control and Fluid Handling Products and Solutions

Today’s most successful companies understand that competency and speed are the winning ingredients in today's manufacturing environment.

They understand that rapid response manufacturing requires a right-sized and trained workforce, robust quality processes and a strong engineering focus. 
RG Group Engineered Solution Team provides startups or established manufacturing brands customized on-demand services including product design and development, prototyping  and outsourced contract manufacturing. The RG Solution features agile engineering, development, quick-turnaround prototyping and a customer service team that is fast, flexible and willing to work with you on your schedule. RG Group brings product manufacturers a distinct competitive advantage in the marketplace for both short-term or long-term outsourced or contract manufacturing services.

Business leaders understand that small to midsize startups and even established brands are often understaffed and overwhelmed with the demands of meeting today’s hyper pace of customer’s delivery expectations. RG Group provides comprehensive outsourced manufacturing capabilities that deliver quality and profitability so you can focus on building your sales and growth initiatives... without the substantial capital requirements of an extensive manufacturing operation.

Operations leadership teams understand that in-house, on-demand services, including product design and development, quick-turn prototyping and outsourced contract manufacturing executed with timely delivery increases operational efficiencies. With the On-Demand Service Model the RG Group team provides a variety of custom engineering and manufacturing services to meet a short-term peak in demand for established businesses. The scalability offered by the RG flexible outsourced approach allows smaller companies to compete and creates a competitive advantage for the emerging brand as they move from first articles or prototyping to full production requirements.

  • From R&D to full scale manufacturing and assembly services
  • ISO-certified modern efficient manufacturing facilities
  • Agile technical engineering manufacturing and product teams
  • Effective internal material supply chain competencies
  • First tier relationship with premier Global suppliers
  • Full turn-key manufacturing and repair facilities


RG Group combines unique skills and resources to serve as the contract manufacturing and logistics arm of our clients. Here, engineers, operations experts, procurement, logistics and quality personnel work together to maximize company performance and profitability. Whether domestically or internationally supplied, we coordinate all aspects of the manufacturing, assembly, packaging and shipping process.

So… what does RG Group’s Flexible Outsourced Manufacturing Services allow you to accomplish?

RG Group allows you to maintain your focus on your core strengths and help you fulfill your continuous growth strategies by giving you the confidence that industry experts are handling your manufacturing.

Why Outsource?

Outsourced Manufacturing is not just a convenience for small, new or expanding companies in some cases, it's essential for growth and survival. Companies who don’t outsource their manufacturing to domestic-based contract manufacturers will see just how hard it is to effectively compete with their larger counterparts. When you have to invest millions of dollars in equipment, personnel and the technology and manufacturing required to compete, while also upgrading all of these regularly in a time of tough competition and growing costs, it can be killer.

Smaller companies often face more obstacles when it comes to outsourced manufacturing when compared to larger competitors. That is why you need to find a US-based, skilled outsourced manufacturer who has an established business procedure, who has worked with companies your size before and knows what to expect. Your goal is to identify a business partner who is willing to invest time, energy and resources into the ongoing relationship, and who is flexible and open to negotiate pricing and contracts with your budget and business conditions in mind.

outsourced manufacturing

So ask yourself…

  • Would you like to focus less on the stress and headaches of extensive manufacturing operations and focus more on growing your brand?
  • Are you overwhelmed with the demands of meeting today’s customer’s restless expectations?
  • Can you procure all the needed machines, materials, labor, etc. at price levels that would be cost effective?
  • Do you need custom engineering services that are uniquely designed just for you?

If you said YES to any of these questions above, then RG Flexible Outsourced Manufacturing might be just what you need!

Why rg group?

One size does not always fit all... which is why RG Group offers a service called Flexible Outsource Manufacturing. Today’s most successful companies understand that delivering quality, cost-efficiently and effectively is the key to success. With an agile engineering, development, prototyping and customer service team who is fast, flexible, and willing to work with you on your schedule, RG Group brings product manufacturers and distributors a distinct advantage in the marketplace. We provide comprehensive outsource manufacturing capabilities that deliver quality and profitability so you can focus on building your sales and customer satisfaction, without the substantial capital requirements of an extensive manufacturing operation.


outsourced manufacturing

TOMI - Voice of the Customer.

Flexible Outsourced Manufacturing.

One size doesn't fit all.

In House

  • We have degreed mechanical and electrical engineers
  • We have Certified Fluid Power Engineers
  • We do in-house prototyping
  • We have 45,000 sq ft of manufacturing capabilities
  • We have skilled assembly technicians
  • We have technicians certified for welding, painting and fluid power assembly
  • We have a large, diversified supply chain
  • We have crucial certifications and compliance records
  • We have our own Packaging / Shipping / Warehousing
  • We do our own surfacing finishing and coatings
  • We have our own field service teams for on-site commissioning and preventive maintenance
  • We have a repair facility with factory authorized capabilities
  • We have experience with lean manufacturing techniques and demand-flow cell development for efficient assembly
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contract manufacturing
outsourcing our manufacturing
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turn key outsourcing
outsourced engineering

Conceptual Design

The involvement of the RG Group in a project can begin as early as the Conceptual Design Phase. By utilizing the best technological solutions and LEAN processes for a customer’s specific requirements we can focus on optimized costs reductions during this phase.

outsourcing design


Through a series of simulations and various rapid prototyping techniques, our Product Engineering Team is able to anticipate potential obstacles, make necessary changes and uncover valuable design enhancements.

outsourced prototyping


Once a concept or direction is selected, our engineering team evolves concepts to maturity and resolves manufacturing details while enhancing the overall design intent. RG Group’s customized rapid product development approach reduces the length of time between critical stages and increasing our customer’s bottom line.

contract manufacturing

Ramp-up production / Assembly

The longer it takes to begin production and distribution, the lower the profits will be over the lifetime of the product. Allowing RG Group to manage the ramp-up and assembly process will only help expedite your product’s launch and gets you to market faster.

outsourced supply chain

Supply Chain

RG Group’s established supply chain gives you a competitive advantage in the marketplace and helps mitigate risks associated with acquiring raw materials and delivering products or services. This also gives us our industry-best pricing and timely shipping.

developing manufacturing


We feel that communication is essential in developing a manufacturing process and core to our rapid response model. RG Group promises to communicate timely, complete and accurate information through the entire project to ensure your completion date is met. 

Capabilities and Compliance

Capabilities and Compliance

  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified
  • ITAR Registered
  • FAR / DFAR Compliant
  • IFPS – Certified Hydraulic, Pneumatic and Connector Specialists
  • IFPS–Certified Fluid Power Engineers
  • PMP Certified Project Managers
  • Veteran-Owned Small Business
  • AWS/ ASME Welders
  • Affirmative Action
  • Made in America

Engineering Capabilities

  • Consulting
  • Design for Manufacturability & Testability
  • Discrete Wiring to Harness
  • Development
  • Tooling and Test Development
  • Field Applications Support
  • On-Site Engineering
  • New Product Introduction & Launch
  • Prototyping
  • Research and Development
  • Concept to Product
  • BOM Development
  • Project Management
  • Program Management
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Concurrent Design
  • Component Selection
  • Material Sourcing
  • Documentation Review

General Capabilities

  • Prototyping
  • Feasibility studies
  • Design Development
  • Project Management
  • Engineering/Reverse Engineering/CAD Design
  • Inventory Management - to reduce your PO requirements
  • Consignment/Quick-Ship Programs
  • Inspection/Auditing
  • Assembly


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