Innovative Motion Control and Fluid Handling Products and Solutions

Gems, a division of Fortive Corporation, designs and manufactures a broad range of sensors, switches, and valves intended for precision flow control. Gems products are widely distributed around the world and are used by companies operating in industries such as alternative energy, medical and pharmaceutical, food and beverage, marine and shipboard service, power generation, semiconductor manufacturing, and transportation.

Gems Products


Liquid level Sensors

Gems presents a diverse selection of contact, non-contact, and non-intrusive liquid sensors and switches that provide reliable monitoring and detection for various types of fluid media. This product range is designed to handle liquids such as cooking oil, hydraulic fluids, diesel fuel, water and wastewater, and biohazard substances.

Liquid level sensors are available in a variety of technology types, such as solid-state electro-optical, conductive, capacitive, ultrasonic, piezo-resonant, and magnetic reed switch-based floats. This gives users the option to choose the ideal configuration or combination of configurations to best address their needs.

Browse products:

  • Single point level switches
  • Multi-point level switches
  • Continuous level transmitters
  • Submersible pressure transducers
  • Visual level indicators
  • Conductivity level controls (by Warrick Controls)
Rocking Piston

Flow Sensors

his product line ensures effective and accurate measurements of both conductive and non-conductive fluids and gases. These solutions are ideal for applications like conveyors, rotating equipment, gas sampling and distilling, water purification systems, semiconductor equipment, chemical processing, welders, machine tooling, and robotics.

Gems flow switches are designed with high-quality corrosion-resistant materials, offering excellent versatility in terms of chemical compatibility.

Browse products:

  • Piston type
  • Shuttle type
  • Paddle type
  • Thermal dispersion
  • Electronic flow sensors

Rotary Vane

Pressure Sensors

With this rugged product portfolio, Gems addresses common customer measurement applications in hydraulics and pneumatics, oil and gas, water and wastewater treatment, machine tooling, OEM compressor and pump manufacturing, refrigeration systems, and in-process control operations.

Browse pressure transducer and oil pressure sensor products:

  • Chemical vapor deposition (CVD) transducers
  • Sputtered thin film transducers
  • Capacitance transducers
  • Micromachined silicon (MMS) transducers
  • Digital pressure gauge and transducer

Browse pressure switch and sensor products:

  • General pressure switch
  • Vacuum pressure switch
  • Solid state pressure switches