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Many industries rely on a steady supply of vacuum for their production & processes. From material conveying, to packing finished products, vacuum technology is everywhere, in manufacturing & process facilities around the world. Medical facilities, workshops and engineering laboratories also have various applications dependent on vacuum systems. So, where do you start?

For over 60 years RG Group has been a source of trusted expertise in the selection and installation of vacuum technology solutions. RG Group understands that different technologies can be used to generate a reliable flow of vacuum, but no single technology achieves the optimal efficiency at every level of vacuum. Some technologies excel in energy-efficiency or life cycle cost, others in simplicity or process compatibility. Vacuum pumps come in all different sizes and technologies. Every application has its required capacities and operating pressure ranges. So our team of experts always look for the most efficient solutions and improvements to existing technologies.

These choices can become overwhelming and we’re here to help. Our team focus is on solving problems and improving processes, to provide you a significant return on equipment investment for your system.

We represent the leaders in Global Vacuum technology GAST and Atlas Copco. Companies use their vacuum solutions across the United States and around the world, due to their uncompromising reliability and unbeatable performance. By combining the two global leaders, the RG Solution incorporates a wide variety of vacuum pump models to choose from, ensuring you’ll be able to find the right one for your applications.

What size vacuum pump do I need?

It always depends on what you want to do and what performance criteria is important to you.

Consider a larger pump when TIME to reach a certain vacuum level is critical. If time is not important, a small pump will pump down to a specific vacuum the same as a larger pump, it will just take more time. If it does not matter whether you reach vacuum in one minute or ten minutes, a smaller pump is better since it is less expensive to buy and run. If you need large volume suction for a short period of time, consider using a vacuum tank in addition to the smaller pump. This gives a large initial suction surge, then the pump is used to draw down the vacuum to a lower specified limit.

Interested in Reducing Operation Costs while Reducing your Footprint?

For a correct dimensioning and selection of a vacuum pump, it’s important to know and assess overall use, as well as the working environment in which it will operate. Speak to one of our vacuum experts who specializing in energy efficiency. We’ll perform energy audits on your plant or work environment to maximize efficiency and reduce overall electrical costs. By taking the time to assess the overall use, we’ve been able to save our customers millions of Kilowatt-hours in electrical savings.

Need someone to
install your systems?

We have our own in-house Field Service Team, which can help with your installation and/or maintenance. We’ll be there to support you through the lifetime of your equipment.

Do you know the real cost of your production
line vacuum pumps?

Our vacuum specialists can help you measure your vacuum installation and get real time performance data. This type of analysis will provide you with answers and recommendations on potential energy savings.

In some cases, there are government grants and tax relief available for energy efficiency projects.