Innovative Motion Control and Fluid Handling Products and Solutions

Randall (Randy) Gross

Executive Chairman of the Board

RG Group was founded as Die-A-Matic by Randy’s parents over 60 years ago. Randy “RG” has experience in several positions within the company including Executive Vice President, President and Chief Operating Officer, President and Chief Executive Officer, as well as valuable experiences in other businesses earlier in his career. He served as RG Group’s CEO from 1975-2014 at which time he became the Executive Chairman of the Board.

Randy has a wealth of experience as a CPA, auditor, senior accountant, and describes his plan to purchase his father’s and mother’s shares of the company in 1984 as his “first acquisition.” After 9/11, he returned full-time to the York office location to help the company recover and to guide, strengthen and grow through acquisitions and value-added services.

Randy is in the office on most days, participates in leadership meetings and continues to connect with employees by walking “on the floor.” He has served, and currently serves, on several board of directors such as The Hope Group, Tate Engineering Systems, and Cross Sales and Engineering Company. He believes in providing guidance to others as well as receiving peer advice and experiences. Randy believes in the family-company culture, to better yourself by always learning, and to focus on ways to keep the company growing, evolving and satisfying customers’ needs.

Randy was a 1st Lt. in the U.S. Army Infantry. He earned his MBA from the University of Cincinnati with a ROTC scholarship program. He is a graduate of Hartnell College and York College.