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RG Group Scholarship Award Details

Foundation: RG Group

Award: Mechanical/Electrical Engineering Award


Purpose and Eligibility:

The awards shall provide financial assistance to two Pennsylvania high school seniors or college freshmen who desires a degree in Mechanical or Electrical Engineering. If no students apply for a scholarship in Mechanical or Electrical Engineering, scholarship requests shall be accepted for Chemical or Industrial Engineering as an alternate award. The source of funds for this scholarship is from the RG Group. The RG Group will make this donation annually and they will be will responsible for distribution and follow-up to the qualified candidates. The students must show proof of acceptance into a degree program before the scholarship will be awarded and paid before the start of their first semester of college.

Criteria: Mechanical aptitude, School service, Community service, Academic achievement

Checklist of items to be submitted with application:

Briefly address any of the following ONLY if it applies to you:

Application Dates

Online application along with all documentation for the “award” will be due no later than April 14, 2018. Applications for the following years will be announced each year on the RG Group’s website.

Selection Committee

The committee shall consist of a maximum of three (3) individuals from the RG Group Leadership Team and one (1) of whom has a background in the field of this scholarship.