Innovative Motion Control and Fluid Handling Products and Solutions

Tracy Buhrman

Director of Customer Experience and Organizational Training

Tracy joined RG Group in 2010 as Customer Service Manager. In 2015, she was promoted to her current position as Director of Customer Experience and Organizational Training. Tracy’s career has always been in customer service and includes experience in large, mid-sized and small companies.

Tracy was brought on board to begin the process of streamlining and organizing the customer service of RG Group’s multiple locations. She continues to strive to make the customer experience more efficient and consistent through training, mentorship and her drive to see people succeed.

Her philosophy is that by encouraging and challenging her team, both RG Group and their customers will be successful and thrive. She believes that all employees of RG Group are a part of the customer experience. “We all own the customer experience. Whether you’re packing the box, sweeping the floor, paying a bill – your interaction counts.”

Tracy attended York College and Elizabethtown College. She believes in continued education and training for herself, and her CSR team so they fulfill the RG Group goal of “trusted expertise” for clients, vendors and themselves.