Education: The Best AV Out There

If using the Internet and Email is as essential to conducting your daily business as it at RG Group, then you are probably well aware of the risk of virus infection. Short of cutting off access to the Internet altogether, there is no one sure-fire way of preventing a virus infection. Or is there?

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How Closed Loop Control of Hydraulic Systems Has Evolved

As the industry has evolved, electrical control has become more prevalent in hydraulic systems.  Often in hydraulic applications, there is a need to very precisely control the speed, position, motion profile or to synchronize the motion of multiple actuators.  There are now a variety of means to monitor position very precisely in hydraulic cylinders, motors and rotary actuators.

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Am I a high potential employee?

How leaders evaluate performance is usually pretty clear; you have your key performance indicators (KPIs), SMART goals and various metrics. What is often more murky is how potential is evaluated. Performance is based on what you have done but potential is based on what you could do- feels a bit like fortune telling at times! LEARN MORE

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