Author: Ben Reeder

Top 10 Companies that Focus on the Next Generation of Autonomous Mobile Robotics

Intelligent machines seem to be taking over the world, and with the rise of the autonomous robots, the game is changing considerably. This next generation of mobile robots is being used already in various fields like healthcare, automotive, aerospace, and the gas and oil field. The wide deployment of these robots is being used in areas like scouting, logistics operations, and even improvised explosive device handling.

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How Hydraulic Steering Works In Boats

If everything in a boat is functioning as it should, turning the steering wheel allows special hydraulic oil to pass from the helm into the hydraulic lines. While the boat has two such connecting lines, the oil passes into only one of these at a time with each turn of the wheel. Once the oil enters the cylinder’s main chamber, the rod inside will start to retract or push outward based on how the wheel rotates.

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Oilless Vacuum Pump Offers Versatility and Improved Control

Oilless vacuum pumps offer an excellent compression service without oil. The dry pumps in this series are built with an easy-to-operate design where control can be easily done within a cool and quiet environment. This compares to the oil-sealed pumps that operate within an environment where process control cannot be easily administered.

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Where Are Hydraulic Pumps Used?

Hydraulic pumps are an integral component of every hydraulic transmission system. It is the hydraulic pump that is tasked with converting mechanical energy into hydraulic energy. This process is facilitated by the pump inputting a force in a way that creates a flow of the hydraulic fluid. It is the pressure within the hydraulic fluid that facilitates the transfer from mechanical energy to hydraulic.

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