Author: Jamie Omvig

Fluid Connector Innovations

One of the most overlooked elements of a new hydraulic system design is the selection of types of fluid connection. Many designers use the “tried and true” options they always have because it is easy and familiar and it works. Pipe thread, JIC, SAE O-Ring and Code 61/62 flange connections are the most common and widely used.

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Often Overlooked Hydraulic System Diagnostics

One of the often overlooked elements of hydraulic system design and implementation is the gathering of system diagnostic information. This can help identify any flaws or shortcomings in the system design details and also help to protect the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) from unfounded warranty claims, as well as aiding with predictive maintenance plans and system life expectancy.

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How Closed Loop Control of Hydraulic Systems Has Evolved

As the industry has evolved, electrical control has become more prevalent in hydraulic systems.  Often in hydraulic applications, there is a need to very precisely control the speed, position, motion profile or to synchronize the motion of multiple actuators.  There are now a variety of means to monitor position very precisely in hydraulic cylinders, motors and rotary actuators.

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