Author: Lee Sigmon

Enerpac’s S&W Series X Edition Torque Tools

Enerpac’s tradition of innovation continues with the manufacturer’s S&W Series X Edition Torque Tools. Replacing the former S&W Series, Enerpac incorporated many new features into the new S&W Series X Edition Tools. If asked to describe the new features in a few words, I would choose “flexibility” and “safety.” From repositionable handles to what if seal design, the X Series Tools are designed to provide reliable, safe, bolting during challenging applications.

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Enerpac’s PTW-Series Pneumatic Torque Wrench is Like A Leatherman’s Tool on Steriods

Manufacturers of powered torque devices are many. When considering breadth of product and innovation toward application, one manufacturer shines. Enerpac is that manufacturer. Their broad product offering provides solutions for lifting, bolting, and work holding applications. By bringing innovation to application, Enerpac products provide real solutions. One such solution is the PTW-Series Pneumatic Torque Wrench. Although most associate Enerpac with hydraulic power, the company manufactures a series of pneumatically driven torque wrenches. Challenges in the Mining, Power Generation, and Oil & Gas industries that restrict the use of hydraulically or electrically driven tools are answered by the PTW.

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Why Enerpac’s Z Class Pump Deliver Reliability

Enerpac’s tradition of innovation stretches back to 1910, when the company’s progenitor provided water pumps to the Ford Motor Company. In the 1920’s the company moved into the world of hydraulics. Adopting the Enerpac brand name in the 1950’s, the company has since become a global leader in development and manufacture of hydraulic tools.

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