Author: Steve Reynolds

Low Pressure Breathing Air Preparation

I was asked recently to give a recommendation for a breathing air system and just like a lot of things I run into in industry there are a lot of factors that come into play with breathing air systems. Would you know what to specify or even what standards apply?

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What Are The Costs of Compressed Air?

Why should you care about the cost of compressed air to power your pneumatics? In my business, we solve problems. Maybe your problem today is that you need automation to assemble your product. Are you going to do a bunch of calculations to figure out if your specification should dictate if the machinery is driven with pneumatics, hydraulics or electro-mechanical, likely not?

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What is the reluctance to use the standard phonetic alphabet?

In my business we use letters and numbers to call out part numbers or model codes. Many times when we are speaking on the phone words are used to represent letters, but people seem to make up their own words like using September for “S”, when most people know that the only calendar designation is “N” for November? If people are making up the word designations then there must be a need to clarify a letter clearly, right? If you were in any of the armed forces around the world you surely used a standard set of words to represent the alphabet.

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Why Upgrade to Dripless Couplers?

If your couplers spill when you disconnect them, you might need an upgrade to non-spill couplers! In many fluid connector applications (high and low pressure) it’s necessary to have a quick coupler either not drip any fluid upon disconnection, or not include any air upon connection. If this sounds like your application, then you need to look into dripless couplers.

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