Author: Walker Gross

How Hydraulics Is Used In Injection Moulding Machines

A hydraulic system is a key feature in plastics injection molding machines. The system may be running around-the-clock and must provide consistent operation through its many years of continuous use. Nozzle approach, injection of the plunge screw, extruder screw rotation, plus the closing of the mold require a great number of motion activated sub-circuits. Granular plastic material requires an extremely steady motion to move smoothly through the heated plasticized state as it flows into the mold, during the screw rotation and plunge phase. The quality of the molded product could come into question if there are any irregularities caused by the hydraulic motions.

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Need a hydraulic repair service?

When you look for a hydraulic repair service what do you look for? Do you go online and search, looking for expertise, product focus… testing? I am in a unique position because I have been on both sides of this question, looking...

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