Let’s Talk About Automation


We know you’ve got questions! So let’s talk.

There are so many ways to come at Automation…so where do you start? Sometimes it helps to jump on a call and talk it over with an expert. RG Group’s Automation Teams consist of Engineers, Technicians, Project Leaders, and a host of other turn-key experts…but on our call, we’ll start with you!

We have knowledge and expertise in automation solutions for payloads of all shapes and sizes, material movement, palletizing, and more. What can I answer for you!?

“Let’s start simple! Sometimes a brief call can help you move from center and understand what’s your next move. I’m here to help!”

Paul Martello

Automation Specialist, RG Group

Regardless of your industry or application, RG Group has the expertise and know-how to evaluate your project and recommend the most appropriate solution for your sucess.