Destaco RDH & RTH Pneumatic Parallel Grippers


Destaco’s Robohand RDH/RTH Series 2 and 3 jaw parallel grippers have a shielded design that deflects chips and other particulate for a more reliable, repeatable operation in part gripping applications ranging from the small and lightweight, to the large and heavy.

RDH Series of Rugged, Multi-Purpose Parallel Grippers for Heavy Parts – Designed for high particulate application environments, automotive engine block, gantry systems, and ideal for heavy part gripping The series includes eight sizes for small lightweight to large/heavy part gripping.

RTH Series of Powerful, Multi-Purpose Parallel Grippers for Heavy Parts – Designed for large round shaped parts, automotive engine block and gantry systems, and heavy part gripping. They’re available in eight sizes for small lightweight to large and heavy part gripping.

RDH/RTH Series Product Introduction Video

An introduction to the RDH 2-Jaw and RTH 3-Jaw Parallel grippers features and benefits.

RDH & RTH Series

2-Jaw and 3-Jaw Parallel Grippers

Destaco’s Robohand RDH/RTH multipurpose grippers are designed to withstand high vibration environments with a rugged impact resistant design. These grippers are available in small sizes for pharma and assembly applications to larger sizes for use in CNC machining, warehousing, and automotive tooling.

These grippers are IP55 rated with a shielded design allowing them to operate in a wide range of manufacturing environments.

The precision machined designed jaws allows longer nger lengths for tight spaces that need higher grip forces with a smooth actuation.

A wide range of options and accessories allows the RDH and RTH series grippers to be used in a number of applications ranging from lightweight precision to heavy duty.

Product Highlights

• Rugged – Vibration and impact-resistant design
• Lightweight & fast
• IP55 rated standard
• Purge/scavenge port standard
• Spring loaded to speed up part release
• Shielded/Enclosed precision jaws for harsh and clean environments
         • reliability
         • longer lasting
         • low-zero maintenance 
         • repels debris

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RDH and RTH Series Pneumatic Parallel Grippers

• Large assortment of sizes
• Longer Finger Lengths (Extend reach into tight spaces)
 Dominating Grip Force – Strongest grip force in the smallest footprint w/ up to 6000lbs of Grip Force
 Modular: Offers flexible manufacturing solutions to grip, rotate, orientate, and move a product from one operation to another.
 Can also size down. The grip force is stronger and has faster actuator speed.


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