Doosan Videos

The A-SERIES, which has achieved the industry’s best speed and affordability, is comprised of four models, A0509, A0509s, A0912, and A0912s, and offers a payload range of 5kg to 9kg. Each model features safety algorithms that protect workers and meets the highest level of safety standards set by an accredited international testing & certification organization TÜV SÜD. The equipped mountable force-torque sensors enable the A-SERIES cobots to provide the versatility required by many applications such as polishing and assembly.

Collision Sensitivity Safety Test: Doosan v. OUR Competition

The safety of a human working in close proximity with a collaborative robot (COBOT) depends on the COBOT’s ability to sense the presence of their human coworker and avoid a damaging crash. While the two may bump into each other, the goal is to avoid injury. The Doosan COBOT is ultra-sensitive to its surroundings, but it’s always interesting to see how it compares to the competition… from bumping into a water bottle to taking a fastpitch. Take a look!

Speed/Cycle Time Comparison Test: Doosan v. OUR Competition

When every second count, you want a COBOT with a higher repeatability count per second. Watch the Doosan A0509 compete against one of its competitors…. everybody LOVES a winner!

Payload Stability Comparison Test: Doosan v. OUR Competition

The Doosan A0509 can hoist a heavy load and look good doing it! In this competition, Doosan handles the weight as well as takes a good punch… the competition… well see for yourself.

FTS Comparison Test (Force Control Performance): Doosan v. OUR Competition

You wouldn’t want your surgeon to have a shaky hand when performing delicate surgery, why would you want a COBOT with unstable movements performing delicate assembly work. When work requires precision, Doosan keeps its cool and steady “hand.”

Safety Zone Test: Doosan v. OUR Competition

Every COBOT (collaborative robot) has a Safety Zone while performing tasks. Doosan’s A0509 demonstrates its multifaceted and adjustable Safety Zone next to its more restrictive competition..

Near Singularity Test: Doosan v. OUR Competition

This test allows you to appreciate the fluid movements and continuous solidity of the Doosan COBOT… never jerky, never lurching, always smooth. The competition… well maybe it sneezed or something.