MiR Academy – Free online training for MiR robots

Thank you for your interest in the MiR Academy

Free online training for AMRs. Learn more. Get MiR-certified.

Thank you for your interest in MiR Academy.

MiR Academy is an online – learn at your own pace – platform designed to educate both channel partners and customers. Choose your own level of learning and progress gradually from Bronze to Silver to Gold or jump in and take just the courses you are interested in. Sign up today using the form below.

There’s something for everyone:

From level to level, refine your MiR skills, collect badges and advance on the MiR Academy leaderboard. 

Learn how to:

– Collaborate with MiR robots
– Analyze AMR Safety
– Understand missions and create error logs
– Identify opportunities for automation
– Create and maintain maps
– Commission large and complex installations
– And so much more!

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