Parflex 518D Non-Conductive Hose

Parflex 518D non-conductive thermoplastic hose was developed to handle the harshest environments, both internally and externally. The 518D hose, from Parker Hannifin, has a new core material that is more resistant to permeation and an outer jacket that has greater abrasion resistance than many other products on the market today.

Many end users are using hydraulic fluids with aggressive additives that can move through hoses over time (permeation). The core material in 518D is highly resistive to the permeation of these fluids. In addition, Parflex gave the 518D-4 a special reinforcement package to reduce the reinforcement diameter, allowing for an increase in the thickness of the special PFX cover. In lab studies, this improvement has shown to provide as much as 5x more abrasion resistance than 518C hose.

Parflex 518D hose uses the same fitting and crimp diameters as our current 518C product for a quick and easy replacement.

Designed specifically for the rigors of the aerial lift market including the highest level of non-conductivity, abrasion and permeation resistance.

Product Features:

Twin or multi-line constructions available
Super high density braid for maximum impulse life without loss of flexibility
“MADE IN USA” construction
4:1 design factor (SAE)
Bonded construction; thicker jacket makes splitting easier
Nylon core for maximum resistance to permeable fluids. ƒ
518D-4 offers heavier polyurethane jacket improving abrasion resistance and ease of splitting bonded constructions ƒ
Super high density braid allows smaller braid O.D. (518D-4)


Meets SAE J517 for less than 50 micro-amps leakage under 75k volts /ft.
Meets/Exceeds SAE 100R7
ANSI A92.2

If the hose assembly on your aerial lift should need repair, there’s no need to replace the entire hose or stop work and head back to the shop!

With the proper training, Parker’s Parflex® MiniKrimp™ portable hose assembly produces factory-style assemblies for all end of hose repairs in minutes, on the spot.

The Parker Hannifin MiniKrimp is the best portable crimper on the market. By utilizing a one-piece high strength cast aluminum frame, the MiniKrimp is light, robust, and highly corrosion resistant.


• Lightweight, portable, compact all-in-one unit
• Unit with pump weighs only 41 lbs.
• 10,000 psi and 30+ tons of force
• Removable pusher design for easy die change
• Hand pump easily removed for use with jumper hose for bench-mounted units (part number – 015309)
• No additional power source required for operation
• Capable of crimping a majority of thermoplastic, rubber, PTFE and specialty hoses up to 3/4” ID

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