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Parker QCD is the largest manufacturer of quick couplings in the world, providing reliable solutions with hydraulic quick disconnects, pneumatic couplings, high-pressure thread-to-connect quick couplers, check valves, wireless sensors, condition monitoring software and many other accessories for the most demanding applications.

Non-Spill Quick Couplers

Quick connections for high-pressure, hydraulic applications have evolved immensely over time to satisfy new processes and operational needs. As industries advance their capabilities, the demand grows for coupler capabilities. Today, couplers must ensure fluid handling applications meet both safety and regulatory standards while simultaneously provide optimized containment of a wide range of fluids that can have different operational conditions.

Operators have continually depended on reliable connections for a “non-spill” experience under the most extreme conditions, such as temperature or high pressure. Manufacturers saw this as an opportunity to introduce new and enhanced couplers to the market.


Product Benefits: 

Parker FEM Non-spill flush face quick couplings

• A psi rating up to 4568 psi*
• Less spillage
• Less air inclusion
• A flush face
• Is efficient & cost-effective

Parker 59 Series heavy-duty high-pressure quick coupling

• Psi up to 6,000
• Connect/Disconnects under pressure

Flush face valving delivers near-zero spillage

Couplings, specifically non-spill, are engineered to combat hydraulic leaks and spills with a unified design incorporating sophisticated components. For reference, the term “non-spill” regarding a coupling means a specific type of connector can reduce fluid spillage to near zero whenever a coupling is connected and disconnected. Designed initially as heavy-duty metal couplings for high-pressure, industrial applications, non-spill couplings have evolved into a variety of materials to complement a wide range of applications requiring minimal spillage and air inclusion.

The flush face design became a significant advancement in quick coupling architecture. A “no-drip” valve means no more than a coating of liquid will appear on the valves’ surface, establishing repeated dripless connections and disconnections for a cleaner, safer work environment. Also, inclusion, which represents the air put into the fluid system during each connection, is drastically reduced through a flush face valve. The benefits of near-zero spillage and air inclusion have become critical in many applications, from heavy-duty construction equipment to hydraulic hand tools and general industrial machinery.

Parker’s non-spill quick couplings

Parker is the global leader in quick couplings, delivering a spill-free and lasting performance, with a wide range of non-spill coupling solutions to fit versatile fluid applications. The FEM Series, FET Series and 59 Series all provide minimal fluid loss and air inclusion, as well as chemical compatibility when necessary. 

FEM series

This non-spill quick coupling satisfies the design and performance requirements set forth by the ISO 16028 International Standards for quick coupling interchangeability. Featuring a push-to-connect design, FEM Series delivers an extra level of security for simple connections without causing any joining, crimping or soldering materials, eliminating spillage and air inclusion during connecting and disconnecting.

In addition, Parker provides an optional FEC male nipple, which allows connect-under-pressure capabilities with the FEM female coupler. This option is designed for applications where residual pressure makes connection difficult.

FET series

The FET Series non-spill quick coupling, engineered for reliable performance with equipment experiencing powerful impulses, accommodates the most demanding hydraulic applications. Parker’s FET Series couplings connect under pressure at 6,000 psi and disconnect up to 2,500 psi in environments that desire the security of a threaded connection under residual pressure. These couplers are built to operate under high-impulse mobile circuits, including excavators, and oil and gas equipment, such as umbilical lines and mobile drill rigs. Constructed of high-grade materials and a stainless steel valve, the FET Series features a robust Brinell resistant design and plating for extended durability and corrosion resistance.

59 series 

Ideal for use in high impulse applications with multiple high-pressure hydraulic lines, the 59 Series ensures consistent connections and disconnections under residual pressure. A powerful ACME thread utilizes a double start feature and allows a full connection to be completed in 2 – ½ turns, saving time and eliminating frustration. Its size and shape of the heavy-duty ACME thread make the coupling resistant to damage, easier to clean and ready for operational use.

An internal bearing between the collar and body eases resistance and minimizes the challenge of handling pressurized lines. In addition, the coupler and nipple have non-spill stainless steel valves and can be connected under pressure up to 5,000 psi and disconnected under a pressure of 2,500 psi.

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