Parker QuickFit™ Oil Change System

Never Change Engine Oil The Same Again

You expect the best from your machinery, and maintaining engine oil is key to maximizing the productive life of the equipment. Changing oil sounds simple, but we know the process can be complicated, messy and dangerous.

Fast. Clean. Safe.

Parker’s QuickFit™ Oil Change System revolutionizes the process with a faster, cleaner and safer way to change engine oil. In three easy steps, purge, extract and refill your system with new oil without ever spilling a drop. Ideal for fleet maintenance.

Watch the video to see how the QuickFit™ Oil Change System is a cleaner, faster and safer alternative to a traditional oil change.

Why QuickFit System?

Improve efficiency: it takes 30 minutes or less to change engine oil with the Parker quick fit oil change system. Reach 75% improvement in safety conditions for machine oil changes. Achieve 100% elimination of oil spills, leaks, and drips.

Minutes or less to change oil with the QuickFit™ Systems


Improvement in safety conditions for oil changes


Elimination of oil spills, leaks and drips