Value Proposition

Outsourced "Flexible" Manufacturing

• Manufacturing & Engineering Services
• From Feasibility Study to FOAK to Prototype to Complete Manufacturing
• From Startups to Reorganization.

Outsourced "Engineered Expertise"

• Build to Spec Assembly or Final Assembly
• Engineering as a Service
• Productivity Engineering – Automation/Robotics

Outsourced "Technical Expertise"

• On-Demand – Hose Assemblies – On-site/Retail
• Installation/Preventative Maintenance Services
• Component Repair/Trainin

Creating a Supply Chain Partner

• Logistical or Procurement Value-Add
• VMI, Kanban, Consignment, kitting, Single-Sourcing

Source of Supply - Component Sales

• Price & Delivery – Price Competitive & Quick Delivery
• The Right Time – $150 Million of IN-STOCK Inventory
• Distribution Centers Located In All Key Market

Video: The Evolution of Manufacturing Services Industry

From commodity to service, RG Group’s CEO Rich Freeh describes the way manufacturing has changed and evolved since the introduction of the internet. He discusses the changing workforce, lack of skilled labor and the benefits of outsourcing to do more with less in this informative video.