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Parker Hydraulic Filters

Hydraulic filters are essential components in all hydraulic systems. Hydraulic fluids can be easily contaminated, and hydraulic filters prevent this contamination and the damage it can cause by capturing harmful particles such as dust and dirt as well as reactive chemicals and water. By reducing the contaminants present in your hydraulic system, you'll prevent downtime and ultimately save money.

At RG Group, we offer Parker hydraulic filters for a wide selection of high-quality options. Parker is a trusted brand that provides some of the best filters available.

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Why Choose Parker Hydraulic Filters?

Parker leads the industry in its groundbreaking solutions to industrial and mobile applications. Their line of hydraulic and lube oil filters is crafted with their unique expertise for high-quality products. Their filters are available in a variety of configurations. Choose pressure filter options like low to high pressure, microglass or ecoglass, single, double or triple element length, seven types of indicators and seals in either nitrile or fluorocarbon and cellulose.

With this wide variety of Parker hydraulic filters, there are many different commercial and industrial applications, such as:

Whatever your industry may be, Parker has a large selection of hydraulic filter options to meet your needs. Our RG Group product experts can help you determine exactly which Parker products might work best for your project.

Choose RG Group for Your Parker Hydraulic Filters

RG Group is an ideal supplier for Parker products and industry solutions. We've been a leader in fluid handling and motion control solutions since 1956. Our experience makes us an excellent full-service provider, offering the customer what they need, when they need it. From design to production and beyond, we'll work with you on every step of the process. We're dedicated to providing high-quality customer service, engineering and quality assurance.

Other benefits of buying from us include:

For more information about RG Group and our Parker hydraulic filter options, call us today at 1-800-340-0854 or fill out our online form. One of our representatives will be in touch as soon as possible.