Flexible Outsourced Manufacturing

What is Flexible Outsourced Manufacturing
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In Their Own Words – Charlie Villemaire, PODS

How Flexible Outsourced Manufacturing (FOM) Can Help You Succeed in Today’s Everchanging Business Landscape

In today’s fast-paced business environment, speed to market and the ability to rapidly adapt to demand fluctuation is essential. However, with the perpetual shrinking workforce constraints and waning technical expertise, many customers find themselves needing additional engineering, technical or manufacturing support in one of the three stages during the lifecycle of a product. 

This is where RG Group comes into play. We have the technical, engineering and manufacturing expertise to be your X factor – the variable that allows you to speed up product development and meet demand volatility. 

We recognize that every business is unique and has different operational challenges and core strengths. RG Group’s Flexible Outsourced Manufacturing can provide on-demand assistance during any stage of a product’s lifecycle. With custom designed services and the flexibility to incorporate solutions tailored to your specific needs we’ll help you stay lean, efficient and profitable.

Plus, from design engineering to turnkey manufacturing services, RG Group Flexible Outsourced Manufacturing provides a single point of contact, allowing you to concentrate on strategic business development and core business opportunities while we coordinate the rest.

The three primary stages of product development we can assist with are:

  • Research & Development (R&D)
  • Production
  • Obsolescence or end of life  

Research & Development

From a start up with no manufacturing expertise to an established business launching a new product line, having the knowledge and resources to get a product launched in a timely manner are essential for success.

Our experience collaborating with customers includes design, engineering and First of a Kind production. We’ll aid your team in moving through project management, facilitating the process of transitioning an idea or concept to reality. 

Our Research & Development capabilities include:

  • Feasibility studies 
  • Breadboarding
  • 3D modeling 
  • Prototyping
  • Software development
  • Component selection & Supply Chain development
  • Testing and collaborative feedback loop
  • MTBF analysis
  • Production  


A declining available workforce makes finding skilled production labor a unique HR challenge. Add to that, the ever-changing technical aspects of a highly engineered manufacturing process and quality expectations and over time, manufacturers will need to be proficient in a variety of disciplines to maintain a robust and sustainable manufacturing environment.

Other variables facing manufacturers are early product development requirements and demand surges. Having a trusted manufacturing partner provides scalability without additional overhead and allows Corporate Leadership the ability to concentrate on their strategic development and core business opportunities.  

Our Production capabilities include:

  • Contract Manufacturing, sub-assemblies or complete company branded product
  • Patent submittals 
  • Managing 3rd party approval processes
  • Cost reduction and supply chain management 
  • Lifecycle testing 
  • Warranty fulfillment 
  • Aftermarket support 


As a product or product lines begins to experience a steady decline in demand, companies look to eliminate the distraction of supporting a product at the end of its lifecycle. Outsourcing the support of a product with limited demand allows valuable resources to be devoted to strategic initiatives. Utilizing Flexible Outsourced Manufacturing services from RG Group shifts the responsibility for an end-of-life product, providing high quality customer service with minimal support from existing infrastructure and resources

Our End-of-Life capabilities include:

  • On demand manufacturing services
  • Inventory management /supply chain maintenance
  • Warranty fulfillment
  • Warehousing & logistics
  • Aftermarket engineering support 

The benefit of relying on FOM from RG Group is our ability to provide the expertise you want in the time frame you need – allowing you to scale capabilities, reduce costs and focus on your core competencies.

  • Full product lifecycle support from R&D to manufacturing and assembly
  • ISO-certified, modern, technologically advanced facilities
  • Tier 1 global supplier relationships and supply chain competencies
  • Turn-key manufacturing and repair capabilities

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What frequency of communication can I expect during the entirety of the project?

A: A consistent dialogue cadence is imperative for the project to progress as planned. RG Group is therefore committed to establishing and maintaining a regularly scheduled call each week so that all parties involved remain up to date on project status.

Q: What type of quality practices does RG Group adhere to?

A: RG Group maintains various certifications including ISO 9001 and adheres to best practice policies as monitored by our internal Quality Assurance Team. All certifications can be viewed at: Quality & Compliance – RG Group (rg-group.com)

Q: What happens if I have a problem after a project is completed or delivered?

A: All product related projects from RG Group come with a standard one-year warranty. Additionally, the RG Group engineering and product specialist teams are available for support after the point of sale to answer questions, trouble shoot problems and provide fee based, in the field support.

Why RG Group

Don’t let bandwidth, expertise or resources derail your product lifecycle journey.

From proof of concept to full production, we have the engineering, manufacturing and distribution capabilities to help you get your product to market.

Our Flexible Outsourced Manufacturing team can step in and seamlessly assist at any stage during your product’s development.

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