About Us

Our Executive Team

Richard Freeh

President and Chief Executive Officer

Rich has been with RG Group since 1986. He began as Regional Manager of RG Group (then named Die-A-Matic), was promoted to Vice President of Sales, Executive Vice President of Sales, Chief Operating Officer and then to his current position as President and Chief Executive Officer. He has over 37 years of sales experience in the industrial, hydraulic and manufacturing industry, and has served on several industry boards. Rich enjoys being in a small business environment because “we can influence the company on a daily basis and that, to me, is very gratifying.”

He believes in a service-based mindset and focuses on how to “make it better for shareholders, vendors and customers.” He views himself and the RG Group family to be advocates for customers to get the best services and support to achieve success. Rich’s favorite part of working at RG Group is “The people! It’s a joy to be around these folks and to have the privilege of leading them. They are passionate about doing a good job and really dedicated to the customers. We strive and believe in our tagline of ‘global products delivered with world class service,’ and providing an ‘exceptional customer experience.’”

Family and a sense of contribution are what motivates Rich. “To me, it’s about how I take care of my family and my extended family, which is all the folks here at RG.”

Rich attended Kutztown University and is an International Fluid Power Society certified Fluid Power Specialist.

In a previous life Rich was a band leader and is an accomplished drummer and musical arranger.

Randall (Randy) Gross

Executive Chairman of the Board

RG Group was founded as Die-A-Matic by Randy’s parents over 60 years ago. Randy “RG” has experience in several positions within the company including Executive Vice President, President and Chief Operating Officer, President and Chief Executive Officer, as well as valuable experiences in other businesses earlier in his career. He served as RG Group’s CEO from 1975-2014 at which time he became the Executive Chairman of the Board.

Randy has a wealth of experience as a CPA, auditor, senior accountant, and describes his plan to purchase his father’s and mother’s shares of the company in 1984 as his “first acquisition.” After 9/11, he returned full-time to the York office location to help the company recover and to guide, strengthen and grow through acquisitions and value-added services.

Randy is in the office on most days, participates in leadership meetings and continues to connect with employees by walking “on the floor.” He has served, and currently serves, on several board of directors such as The Hope Group, Tate Engineering Systems, and Cross Sales and Engineering Company. He believes in providing guidance to others as well as receiving peer advice and experiences. Randy believes in the family-company culture, to better yourself by always learning, and to focus on ways to keep the company growing, evolving and satisfying customers’ needs.

Randy was a 1st Lt. in the U.S. Army Infantry. He earned his MBA from the University of Cincinnati with an ROTC scholarship program. He is a graduate of Hartnell College and York College.

Steve Bennis

Chief Operating Officer

Steve joined the RG Group in 2018. He is considered an action-oriented, hands-on leader with over 30 years of engineering and manufacturing experience.

Steve’s passion is in continuous improvement, exemplified by his saying that “we should be better today than we were three months ago, and in three months we should be better than we are today.”

Steve believes that RG Group’s Corporate Core Values is our North Star that guides us. He also notes that “who we are, what defines us, is not how we act when times are good, but rather how we act when times are difficult”.

Steve attended The Pennsylvania State University where he earned his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. He supports The Penn State York campus through his active involvement with the Engineering Industry Advisory Council and the Graham Entrepreneurial Program Advisory Board.

Michael Moscato

Chief Financial Officer

Michael joined RG Group in 2019 and is responsible for budgeting, planning, accessing insurance risk, advising during acquisitions and being proactive in delivering strategic objectives.

He comes to RG Group with 30-plus years of manufacturing-centered financial positions, from financial director to CFO, always focused on customer value. As a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Michael earned his BS in Accounting/Finance from Towson University and MBA in Finance from Loyola University.

Dennis Ohme

Chief Sales Officer

Dennis joined RG Group – for a second time – in 2003 as Vice President of Automation, moved up to be responsible for the outside sales team, and then was promoted to Chief Sales Officer in 2014. He had previously worked for RG Group (then Die-A-Matic) 1987-1994 as a Fluid Power Specialist. Dennis believes being involved with the sales team and listening to what they have to say are vital to his role as CSO.

Dennis believes the members of the sales department at RG Group are “experts in motion control and fluid handling. We can provide our customers with finished products to provide solutions,” and that “when our customers are successful, we are successful.”

Dennis continuously hones his leadership skills to help guide, train and mentor his team to be successful and develop “uphill habits.” He often quotes John Maxwell’s advice that “everything worthwhile is uphill.” He encourages his team to find “what your passions are”. What do you cry about, what do you laugh about, what are you good at, and then what do you need to do to achieve it?”

Dennis grew up on a 200-plus acre ranch/farm in Nebraska and wears jeans, a cowboy hat and boots to work on most Fridays. He has played several competitive sports and played competitive tennis until 2016. Dennis is a graduate of the University of Nebraska at Kearny and Loyola University Maryland.

Tracy Buhrman

Director of Customer Experience

Tracy joined RG Group in 2010 as Customer Service Manager. In 2015, she was promoted to her current position as Director of Customer Experience and Organizational Training. Tracy’s career has always been in customer service and includes experience in large, mid-sized and small companies.

Tracy was brought on board to begin the process of streamlining and organizing the customer service of RG Group’s multiple locations. She continues to strive to make the customer experience more efficient and consistent through training, mentorship and her drive to see people succeed.

Her philosophy is that by encouraging and challenging her team, both RG Group and their customers will be successful and thrive. She believes that all employees of RG Group are a part of the customer experience. “We all own the customer experience. Whether you’re packing the box, sweeping the floor, paying a bill – your interaction counts.”

Tracy attended York College and Elizabethtown College. She believes in continued education and training for herself, and her CSR team so they fulfill the RG Group goal of “trusted expertise” for clients, vendors and themselves.

Cristen Eberly

Human Resources Director

Cristen joined RG Group in 2015. She is certified as a Professional in Human Resources® (PHR). Cristen is motivated by having goals, reaching them and making a difference. “If I can put together a new training program, and people feel like they’ve learned something and can bring that to their job to be more successful, and a result, our company and customers are more successful, that’s a lot of fun.”

Cristen began her career in HR at the Hilton in Viginia Beach, Va. while attending Old Dominion University. She joined RG Group after she moved back to the area to be near family. The family environment is what she likes best about working for RG Group. She believes the best things about RG Group for customers is the “expert knowledge of the sales team, and RG Group being responsive, timely and available to them.”

Cristen loves the beach, traveling and enjoys sharing those experiences with her son.

Corporate Core Values


We expect everyone to be truthful and to have a genuine commitment to the truth. Honest people do not deliberately mislead by misrepresentation, overstatement, partial truths, selective omission or any deceptive means.

Integrity – Strength of Character

It means combining high standards of being and doing. People with integrity demonstrate the courage of their convictions by doing what is right even when there is great pressure to do otherwise.

Caring / Fairness

Justice in our company is tempered with compassion. We would seek to do unto others as we would have them do unto us. Customers don’t care how much we know until they know how much you care.


We encourage dialog and reflection thought. We expect all of our associates to share information, ideas and thinking that leads to extraordinary communication, learning, discovery and performance.

Quality Dedication

Total quality and continuous improvement are obsessions at the RG Group. This is the means through which we can reach out Corporate Vision.

Promise Keeping

We say what we do, and do what we say. Promise-keeping is a critical measure of personal integrity, faith in self, mastery and an indispensable basis for success.

Personal Mastery

This is the value that allows us to be the best we can be. It involves continuous training and continuous learning both as individuals and as an organization.

Bringing You The Most Comprehensive Array of Motion Control Technologies

The RG Group provides leadership in the design and delivery of innovative motion control products and solutions. For over 60 years, we’ve collaborated with customers, creating a sustainable competitive advantage by demonstrating Trusted Expertise in the design, application and supply of motion control and fluid handling solutions for hydraulic, pneumatic, electromechanical and process technologies.

Our network of local branches, located strategically in the Mid-Atlantic region, provide an immediate variety of real-time, made-to-order solutions, including custom hose assemblies, Vendor Managed Inventory and repair and installation services on a 24/7 basis.

Our passion is to keep your business moving forward profitably. As motion control and fluid handling experts, we focus on sustainable solutions to reduce customer’s operational costs by improving efficiencies and reducing energy consumption. We improve our customer’s profitability by providing a service-based business model.

Representing a Who’s Who of elite global manufacturers, our distribution model offers premier global products delivered with world-class service. RG Group provides an unparalleled customer experience through a variety of value-added services including preventative maintenance programs, safety seminars, training and industrial or mobile repair and installation services.

Our demonstrated ability to innovate and create sustainable value by designing “First-Of-A-Kind” turnkey Engineered Solutions in three mechanical disciplines – Electromechanical, Hydraulic and Pneumatic is our competitive advantage. From a rapid prototype to long-term contract manufacturing, our Manufacturing Services team delivers unique, on-demand, cost-effective solutions.

RG Group's Core Competencies Revolve Around These Key Categories:


Offering a single source solution for today’s demanding and creative industrial hydraulic applications.


Bringing you the most comprehensive array of pneumatic and electronic automation technologies.

Electromechanical Systems

Providing engineered system solutions for OEMs and machine builders that give them a competitive edge.

Fluid Connectors

Offering the largest selection of hose, tubing and fittings, in all sizes and configurations with nine locations.

Engineered Systems

Creating innovative systems that range from custom machine control packages to long-term outsourced manufacturing.

Factory Authorized Repair

Specialized locations for repair, installation and troubleshooting of hydraulic, pneumatic and electromechanical devices.

Installation and Field Services

The National Fluid Power Association has certified our team of technicians as hydraulic and pneumatic experts.

Vendor Manage Inventory

Using our distribution center we partner with companies to develop an in­-house distribution program.

Corporate Mission Statement

Design, manufacture, sell and service fluid handling and motion control solutions and products to a broad base of customers. Our distribution and service market is the Mid-Atlantic United States and our manufacturing market is global.

Corporate Vision

Creating custom cost-saving initiatives that provide our customers with a competitive advantage in today’s global manufacturing environment.