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ROEQ - AMR Top Modules and Carts

ROEQ Robotics Products
ROEQ Robotic Equipment manufactures easy, safe and reliable solutions that work in conjunction with your MiR automated mobile robot, or AMR. ROEQ's series of carts, racks, lifters and top rollers expand you automation capabilities and transform your production line as well as your productivity... quickly and easily.

With their easy-to-use software that integrated with MiR products, you can customize your operations right after set-up. Programs can be run right from your tablet. Top roller modules are available to suit your conveyor needs safely and reliably. The GuardCom System has revolutionized the way AMRs transfer your goods as position sensors along with front and rear cargo sensors monitor and protect your packages every step of the way. 

ROEQ carts and racks lock to top modules and docking stations so your fleet management system will know where your carts and racks are every minute. You have the option to operate multiple carts and racks in the same fleet. That flexibility greatly improves your payload, your capacity and your overall efficiency.

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