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You know that the best systems require clean, dry pneumatics to perform with optimum efficiency. You want to avoid downtime, achieve the highest quality and get the fastest cycle times possible. You need Parker quality products and the experts at RG Group. Find out more about our custom engineered pneumatics solutions here.

Air Preparation (FRL's)

Air Preparation (FRL's)

Air Line Filters, Regulators and Lubricators



Pneumatic Valves

Air Line Accessories

Air Line Accessories

Accessories for Pneumatic Air Line Systems

Cylinder Repair Kits

Cylinder Repair Kits

Genuine Parker Cylinder Repair Kits

Pneumatics vs. Hydraulics

Pneumatics and hydraulics are very similar. Hydraulics use liquid to transmit power, while pneumatics use air or some other form of gas. Both pneumatics and hydraulics use pumps and valves to push fluid and transmit power.

Pneumatics are often used when you need lower pressures and lower start-up and maintenance costs. When you want higher pressure capabilities, more power and a faster system, you may choose hydraulics. Whichever you choose, RG Group can set you up with the right Parker products for your system.

Parker Pneumatic Products at RG Group

Types of Parker pneumatic products we offer include:

Parker FRLs

Without clean, dry air, your system can become contaminated and your pneumatics won’t work properly. You need a complete air preparation system, or FRLs (filters, regulators and lubricators). You can put together your complete air preparation system with Parker products from RG Group, including:

Parker Pneumatic Valves

Your pneumatic system needs valves to work, but not all pneumatic valves are the same. That’s why we offer a huge assortment of:

Parker Cylinder Repair Kits

When your pneumatic cylinders go down, you want to repair them right away, not wait for a technician. That’s why you need Parker Cylinder Repair Kits, with everything required to replace worn-out pneumatic seals.

Parker Air Line Accessories

We have a full line of accessories for Parker pneumatic air line systems, including:

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