Meet QueBot™. The tireless labor solution that delivers in weeks, is up and running in hours and requires no experience to operate

If you’re looking to automate your end of line operations, then look no further. QueBot ends the labor struggle, letting you scale to demand, maintain production and comes in a variety of pre-engineered collaborative and industrial robot configurations to meet your needs.

Here are several reasons why to deploy Quebot:

• VARIETY – Multiple, pre-engineered cells to choose from because one size
(or solution) does not fit all
• USER EXPERIENCE – Deploys quickly and is easy to use and configure with no prior experience
• SIZE – Minimal footprint compared to traditional robotic cells, making it a great fit for space constrained environments
• FLEXIBILITY – Customization options available to suit different end of line needs, creating your “perfect fit”
• COST – Low cost of ownership and Quick ROI make QueBot the perfect solution

Let’s plug some numbers into our ROI calculator.

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Benefits of automated palletizing

  • Eliminate manual operations
  • Free skilled labor for higher value tasks
  • High repeatability and accuracy
  • Breakeven in as little as six months

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    FANUC M-710iC Dual Sided Palletizing Automation Cell

    The six-axis M-710iC/45M robot is a member of the family of M-710iC material handling robots with payload capabilities ranging from 12 kg to 70 kg. The robot provides high-speed operation, a 2606 mm reach, and 45 kg payload. Its slim wrist, rigid arm, and compact size allows it to work well in tight spaces. The robot’s long reach and six-axis articulation make it a good choice for palletizing, packing, bin picking, and other applications found in warehousing, logistics, and e-commerce.

    Quick Overview of DoosanHD

    This video will give you a quick overview of the Doosan HD series. The HD Series is designed for harsh and demanding tasks in material handling and assembly, such as loading and unloading heavy or awkward materials.

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