Pneumatic Valve Type

Port Inch/BSP

CV Factor

Valve Passages

Valve Positions

Center Condition

Offset Return Type

Operator Type

Operator Type Detail

Override Type

Pilot Supply

Solenoid Voltage

Solenoid Connection

Supply Pressure Range

Connector Lighting and Suppression

Operating Temperature

Solenoid Connector Cord Length

Solenoid Connector Voltage

Parker Inline Valves and Solenoid Connectors

There are a large number of options to choose from. We offer Parker Inline Valves and Solenoid Connectors, 3- and 4-way valve passages, 2- and 3-position valve positions as well as 3 types of offset return: air return, air return/spring assist and spring return. If you have questions about which is the best choice for your application, talk to one of our product experts at 1-877-870-2692.

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Finding the Right Pneumatic Solenoid Valve for Your System

The right solenoid valves can help with surge suppression and reduce wiring time. How do you choose the best solenoid valves for your applications? Start with the number of valve passages, number of positions and offset return.

Number of Valve Passages

Consider the number of valve passages: 2-way, 3-way or 4-way. These numbers refer to directional control through the valve. The number of valve passages is the number of air flow paths designed into the valve.

Number of Positions

Next, consider position. Do you need a 2-position valve or a 3-position valve?

A 2-position valve uses an actuator that moves the element that connects the ports. The element is returned back through the offset return method. They may be passing or non-passing — when the actuator is not energized, they either will or will not allow fluid flow.

A 3-position valve has two elements connecting the ports, allowing two positions that control the cylinder’s movement in either direction. The third center position is neutral, allowing a pressure center with the pressure port and cylinder ports open and exhaust blocked, an exhaust center with pressure blocked and exhaust open or a blocked center with all the ports blocked.

Offset Return

Finally, choose between three options for the offset return:

Let RG Group Help You Find the Right Pneumatic Valves

At RG Group, our experts in pneumatic solenoid valves are happy to answer any questions you have. Call us at 1.877.870.2692 or contact us online today.