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Doosan A0912S Collaborative RobotDoosan A0912S Collaborative Robot

Doosan A0912S Collaborative Robot

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Part # Availability Price/UOM
++ A0912S Lead Time Required $38,000.00
UOM Payload Reach Radius Weight
EA 9kg - 19 lbs 1200mm 27 kg - 59.5 lbs
Lead Time Required



Reach Radius:



9kg - 19 lbs


27 kg - 59.5 lbs

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Designed for speed and cost-effectiveness, the A-series makes taking the first step to integrating cobots into your shop an easy choice. The A-series features 2x faster joint speed for faster productivity and efficiency and has PL e Cat 4 safety rating to protect your cobot and your team. The A-series S models feature high-tech force sensors for more delicate tasks requiring human-like dexterity.

Key Features:

∙ A+ Safety - The advanced safety algorithm ensures the safety beyond the limits of current-based collision detection technology.
∙ A+ Speed - The high-end hardware, created by Doosan’s world class technology, promises quick and flawless performance on any task with the highest speed in the industry along with the remarkable acceleration.
∙ A+ Customization - Customers have a choice of High-tech force sensor model for more delicate tasks requiring human like dexterity.
∙ A+ ROI - Reduced cycle time and excellent cost-effectiveness promises the shortest time for your ROI.

Basic Components:
∙ Controller - The solid control platform guarantees stable performance in any field based on real-time control and high-speed communication technology.
∙ DART Platform - The Doosan Robotics user software, enables robot teaching along with the wide range of programming actions on a PC environment.
∙ Emergency Stop Button - The safety button can halt the robot in an emergency situation to prevent accidents.

∙ Cockpit - A direct teaching button capable of selecting various teaching modes as well as saving coordinates with simple button operations.
∙ Teaching Devices - Smart Pendant, a simple interface with commonly used function buttons including Home Position, Servo ON/OFF and Start/Stop for easy controlling. Teach Pendant, A teaching device offering tablet PC-like ease of use, and with the inclusion of the DART Platform, it is capable of simple programming as well as configuring various applications.

Specific Application: Machine Tending, Pick and Place, Packaging, Inspection, Air Blowing, Gluing and Bonding, Polishing and Deburring, and Assembly
Additional Specifications: To view a full product brochure see product resources section on this page