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Shipbuilding is a complex industry with many facets. Marine engineers, naval architects, vessel operators and other industry professionals understand that technological innovation is crucial. Whether you're looking for marine steering and electronic control systems or other marine technology, it needs to be made with the best components to stay ahead of the competition.

Jastram Engineering Ltd. is one of the best-known and most trusted equipment and services supplier for the marine industry. Jastram builds products with quality in mind to ensure long life and exceptional performance in all operating conditions. Always the leaders in innovation, they apply leading-edge technology to every system. Whether it's a jog lever, rudder feedback or a steering cylinder, you'll know you are getting superior quality backed by the most trusted name in marine steering systems.

RG Group has a wide selection of marine steering systems and hydraulic cylinders from Jastram. Don’t see what you need or want? Talk to a product expert at RG Group to find your solution today.

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About Jastram

Jastram Engineering Ltd. is a Canadian-based supplier of marine steering and electronic control systems for commercial, naval and private shipbuilders, and has served the industry since 1983. They design and build:

These products — combined with their modern digital control system — create a dynamic steering system that remains at the forefront of the marine steering industry.

Benefits of Marine Hydraulic Cylinders

A hydraulic cylinder uses pressurized hydraulic fluid to make linear motion and force. It is common for power transfer applications. There are many advantages to using hydraulic cylinders, including:

Marine Steering and Electronic Control Systems From RG Group

At RG Group, we have marine hydraulic cylinders made from aluminum, steel and brass, tiller bolts and nuts, helm pumps and shut-off valves. Some specific models that we carry include:

Jastram products have many features that make them excellent in marine applications. For example, the Jastram Model B steering gear uses double-acting equal displacement cylinders connected to the tiller. When the actuator is activated, it moves the tiller, which turns the rudder. You can pick your actuator size depending on the maximum rudder torque.

Use these devices for marine applications such as:

Choose RG Group for Your Marine Steering Systems

RG Group has all the marine steering systems and electronic control devices from Jastram that you need for your commercial, naval or private ship. For more than 60 years, we have provided motion control and fluid handling solutions for pneumatics, automation, hydraulics and electromechanical applications. 

You will gain many benefits when working with RG Group. We understand the marine industry, and our product experts are available to help you find your ideal solution. RG Group is always available through our 24/7 installation and repair services and at our numerous branches in the Mid-Atlantic area.

You can learn more about marine steering and electronic control systems or request a quote by calling 1-800-340-0854 or filling out our contact form.