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AutoGuide Mobile Robots is a leading supplier of high payload autonomous mobile robots (AMRs). AutoGuide’s Max N10 modular mobile robot platform is the industry’s most reliable and affordable natural feature guidance platform with a growing number of application-specific configurations available, including tugger, conveyor deck, car mover and pallet stacker. AutoGuide has a mobile robot R&D center located in Chelmsford, MA and a manufacturing facility in Georgetown, KY.

AutoGuide’s parent company is Teradyne. Teradyne designs, develops and manufactures high-payload industrial autonomous mobile robots for assembly, manufacturing, warehousing and distribution operations across multiple industries. Teradyne brings high-quality innovations such as smart devices, life-saving medical equipment and data storage systems to market, faster. Its advanced test solutions for semiconductors, electronic systems, wireless devices and more ensure that products perform as they were designed. Its Industrial Automation offerings also include MiR (Mobile Industrial Robots).

Why AutoGuide?

Advanced autonomous mobile tuggers and forklifts offer easy deployment, improved safety and increased efficiency of industrial and warehouse material handling. Unlike many players in the industry, AutoGuide’s uniquely modular products are not manufactured as a retrofit kit to an existing piece of equipment, but as a standalone platform. This enables us to deliver shorter lead times and faster ROI.

RG Group: Authorized System Integrator of AutoGuide products and systems in the Mid-Atlantic

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Take your manufacturing processes to the next level. Start exploring the impressive selection of AutoGuide solutions here:

Meet the Max N10 Mobile Robot Platform with SurePath Natural Feature LiDAR Navigation – The MAX N10 moves loads with no tape, no RFID tags, no mirrors and is available with custom trail frames for special handling requirements, including unit-load flat-deck, custom conveyor deck and pallet stacker units.

Speeds up to 4mph
10,000 lb. towing capacity

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The Max N10 Pallet Stacker is an automated counterbalanced lift truck that can automatically pick and place pallets or racks from the floor level, trailer decks, conveyors, or racks up to 5 feet high. The standard payload capacity is 1,770 lbs. (800 kg), with a high capacity version for up to 2,650 lbs. (1,200 kg)

With its smart pallet finding capability, the Max N10 pallet Stacker can pick pallets that have been displaced from their expected location. The vehicle sensors will identify the pallet, its location and orientation, and then dynamically re-plan a travel path for a successful pick. It can even recognize and pick the desired pallet from a stack of pallets.

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The AutoGuide MAX-N High Bay is an autonomous counterbalanced forklift that brings automated efficiency to high bay racking and picking operations.

The MAX-N High Bay is designed to work in aisles as narrow as 150 inches and lift an array of pallet types to a maximum height of 36 feet. Smart pallet sensing technologies include pallet rack detection, pallet detection, and payload presence awareness. Built-in sensors provide overhung obstacle detection for safer lifting.

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AutoGuide mobile tuggers and forklifts offer improved safety, easy deployment and increased efficiency of industrial and warehouse material handling. Unlike most players in the industry, AutoGuide’s products aren’t manufactured as a retrofit kit to existing equipment, but as a standalone platform. This means shorter lead times and faster ROI.

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Engineered to tunnel under load-handling frames, AutoGuide’s low-profile Mobile Robots glide smoothly under a cart and automatically hitch via a programmable pin assembly. They then autonomously transport the load and unhitch before moving on to the next target. These compact Mobile Robots use magnetic tape guidance to transport loads up to 4,400 pounds.


SurePath Fleet Control System provides companies the ability to manage, monitor, track, organize and ultimately, optimize, their fleet of cooperative mobile robots. SurePath connects to individual mobile robots using wireless communications, providing graphics-based displays of all mobile robots and their current status – mapped to the facility floor plan-in real-time.


Manage, monitor, track and control your full fleet of Mobile Robots, whether they were manufactured by AutoGuide or not, in a single dashboard interface with AVINU 2.0 traffic control software. Connected to each individual Mobile Robot by an Ethernet radio frequency wireless interface, the system provides graphics based displays of all Mobile Robots and their current status—mapped to your facility floor plan—in real time. Windows C#.NET-based AVINU 2.0 easily interfaces with PLCs for greater versatility and functionality.


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