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Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR)

Autonomous Mobile RobotsGet your business rolling with MiR

These AMRs (autonomous mobile robots) are a safe, cost-effective mobile robot that quickly automates your internal transportation and logistics. The MiR robot optimizes workflows, freeing staff resources so you can increase productivity and reduce costs. From the compact MiR100 to the heavyweight MiR1000, these robots are easy to use and program.

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What Are AMRs?

An AMR is a revolutionary technology that can dramatically improve safety and efficiency in your factory or warehouse. It is a transportation robot that consists of a mobile, load-bearing platform and on-board technology. Tell an AMR where to go, and it avoids any potential obstacles in its path.

AMRs are revolutionizing warehouses and industrial facilities. They save human workers from the fatigue and safety risks of carrying heavy equipment from one side of a factory to the other. These smart robots can learn to map their environment, follow a human on command and obey complex orders. They save time, increase efficiency and boost the productivity of your human workers.

Our Selection of Mobile Industrial Robots for Sale

MiR is a leader in autonomous mobile robot technology. At RG Group, choose from:

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