MiR (Mobile Industrial Robots)


Mobile Industrial Robots

Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR)

Denmark-based Mobile Industrial Robots – better known around the world as MiR – is one of the pioneers in the field of industrial robotics. Today, thousands of MiR mobile collaborative robots (cobots) are deployed in workshops and factories serving the automotive, aviation, electronics, food and dairy, fashion and design, healthcare and pharmaceutical, and metal and plastic manufacturing industries.

Equipped with intuitive software, MiR cobots can easily adapt to any production and warehousing requirement. You can even use your smartphone or laptop to monitor and update its operations remotely. Plus, with built-in cameras and 360-degree sensors, the machines can safely maneuver around human workers and other physical obstacles.

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See The Possibilities? –  Automate Material Transport Workflows Throughout Manufacturing and Warehouse Environments

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By the time a manufactured product is ready to be shipped to a customer, it may already have traveled miles, just within its own manufacturing and warehousing environment. Throughout this process, scrap material, packaging, and manufacturing by-products are removed and transported for disposal.

Throughout the manufacturing environment, MiR AMRs address a range of workflows for small and mid-sized manufacturers through large manufacturing and distribution centers. MiR robots help optimize your internal logistics and take over monotone and time-consuming tasks allowing the employees to focus on more value-adding work.

DOWNLOAD MiR’s E-BOOK: “How to weight capabilities and cost”

DOWNLOAD MiR’s E-BOOK: “What to Consider When You’re Ready
to Automate Internal Logistics”

Popular Products & Categories


With an increased ability to withstand dust particles and fluids and by being designed to comply to the highest safety standards on the market, the MiR1350 is safer, more reliable than other AMRs on the market.


With increased ability to withstand dust particles and fluids along with being compliant to the highest safety standards on the market, the MiR600 is safer, more stable and more reliable than other AMRs on the market.


The MiR250 is a more flexible AMR that can work around the clock and is brilliantly simple to set up, for improved productivity. Its smaller footprint and increased adaptability help optimize internal logistics without changing layout.


The most cost-effective automation solution in the MiR roster is the MiR100. With a formidable 100 kg carrying capacity, it can easily transport significant payloads, as well as mobilize collaborative robot arms to suit your specific application.

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