Innovative Motion Control and Fluid Handling Products and Solutions

Atlas Copco has been in the business of designing and manufacturing high-quality industrial tools and equipment since 1873. Now one of the most resounding names in the industrial field worldwide, the brand is best known in the United States for its range of vacuum pump and compressed air systems, industrial power tools, and construction equipment.

RG Group proudly carries the impressive selection of vacuum and compressor solutions from Atlas Copco for customers in the Mid-Atlantic States.

Atlas Copco Products


Air Compressor Products

  • Oil-free air compressors

    With oil-free compressors, you can rest assured that your entire production process and the end product of your operations are free from contaminants. Guaranteeing pristine air quality, these solutions are ideal for food and beverage dispensing, petro-chemical processing, and electronics manufacturing applications.

  • Oil-injected air compressors

    Lubricated rotary screw compressors are smart solutions for operations that require steady and energy-efficient performance. This product range features state-of-the-art energy recovery systems that significantly reduce your consumption costs.

  • Air blowers

    Atlas Copco air blowers operate oil-free, ensuring 100% contaminant-free air. These solutions are ISO 8573-1 Class 0 certified. Be sure to check out the brand’s latest ZL 2 and ZL 2 VSD lobe blowers.

  • Gas generators

    For your nitrogen and oxygen needs, trust Atlas Copco solutions to provide 24/7 reliability and long-term durability. With this product line, creating your own gas on-site for your operations can save you millions on refills, deliveries, and the inevitable downtime due to gas shortages.

  • Mobile air compressors

    For Atlas Copco, mobile air compressors are all about reliable, easy-to-maneuver portable energy. This Red Dot Design Award-winning line of products is ideal for companies that take their industrial expertise on the road. Made for easy towing, they boast a robust, durable design that belies their compact size.



Vacuum Pumps and Accessories

  • Oil-sealed vacuum pumps

    Oil-lubricated vacuum pumps are designed for plug-and-play centralized vacuum functions. Equipped with Atlas Copco variable speed drive technology (VSD), these systems perform quietly and reduce energy consumption by up to 50% on average.
  • VSD controlled pumps

    An excellent choice for canning, bottling, packaging, electronics, woodworking, and printing applications, the GHS VSD+ product range delivers intelligent and energy-efficient performance.
  • Dry vacuum pumps

    Designed for lubricant-free operation, Atlas Copco’s dry vacuum pumps provide clean, contamination-free performance. It is also an environmentally friendly solution because it does not produce any hydrocarbon residues.
  • Liquid ring vacuum pumps

    The AWS, AWD, and AWL series vacuum pumps are reliable plug-and-play vacuum modules. If you need one specifically designed for your complex requirements, you can consult with product experts who can develop a solution tailor-fit to address your needs.
  • Vacuum pump accessories

    Atlas Copco provides a broad range of accessories that can boost the capabilities of your vacuum pump system.