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The manufacturing world is changing and so are its technology requirements. The use of automation and robotics to drive volume production is no longer enough. Today’s automation must be able to quickly adapt to real-world variability and deliver manufacturers the needed flexibility to match constantly changing consumer demands, market trends and contracting labor markets. When it comes to manufacturing, Flexibility is the new Fast.

We know the latest automation and robotic solutions inside out. And because we are committed to providing cost-effective solutions, you can rely on us to deliver automation solutions that deliver tangible production improvements.

Our partners include all the leading brands in pneumatic and electronic automation components and solutions. Our experienced inhouse engineering team have decades of collective experience designing and manufacturing custom components, pneumatic and electronic control systems, and industrial automation that best fit our customer needs.

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Overlooked benefits provided by automating production

  • Adaptable, agile solutions to meet diverse production needs
  • Eliminates labor issues
  • Optimizes throughput
  • Technologies that can be integrated for maximum results
  • Safe, cost-effective solutions
  • In most instances, quick deployment and ROI

Popular solutions


Typically end-of-line operations, stacking cartons/items from conveyor and/or pallets via Robot/Cobot.


Typically end-of-line operations, stacking cartons/items from conveyor and/or pallets via Robot/Cobot.

Material Handling (Material Transport)

The process of moving materials throughout a facility via an AMR, tug, tow or lift vehicle.

Machine Tending

Robotic machine tending (CNC Machine Automation) is the process of using a robot system to automatically load and unload a production machine.

Line Loading/Unloading

Adding or removing products/materials from a line via an automated process by robot/cobot.

ASRS (high density storage)

An automated storage and retrieval system consists of a variety of computer-controlled systems for automatically placing and retrieving loads from defined storage locations.


Packaging robots are designed to open, fill, transport, palletize, seal, code and/or label product packaging.


The ability to follow materials entering, moving through and exiting a facility. Typically scanned through a barcode reader and monitored via real-time data via a dashboard.


The process of detecting defects, consistency through machine vision systems.

Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring (RMON) is a standard specification that facilitates the monitoring of network operational activities using remote devices known as monitors or probes.

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The possibilities for smart automation and robotics are endless

Lease an automation or robotic solution for as little as 78c/hour

We believe you should have as much flexibility in financing your solution as our automation or robotic solutions deliver. That’s why many organizations choose to lease as it allows you to implement an automation solution at a low hourly cost.

Leasing lowers your financial barriers for investing in automation and gives you a near immediate return on investment (ROI). Unlike an upfront capital investment, leasing becomes an operational expenditure instead of a fixed cost. Leasing allows you to get going faster to automate all those monotonous, repetitive, and often injury-prone manual material transportation processes and free your team up to work on other high value tasks.

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