Material Handling (Material Transport)

The most robust and reliable AMR solutions on the market for faster, simpler and safer material handling in manufacturing, warehousing, and logistics operations

We partner with leading names in the field — Seegrid, Autoguide, MiR and ROEQ — integrating high-payload industrial autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) for assembly, manufacturing, warehousing and distribution operations.

AMRs drive real results — increasing throughput, improving safety, and reducing labor costs for the world’s largest brands.

We boast a huge array of application-specific configurations capable of handling both small and large payloads, including tuggers, towers, lift vehicles, conveyor decks, car movers and pallet stackers. All tested and proven across millions of production miles.

Key, smart sensing technologies include pallet rack detection, pallet detection, and payload presence awareness. Built-in sensors provide overhung obstacle detection for safer lifting.

Plus, our ROEQ plug and play software and variety of top modules, carts, top rollers, lifters and racks let you extend the power of your robots even further, enabling them to perform multiple tasks and workflows in your warehouse or production line easily, efficiently and safely.

Benefits of mobile material handling

  • Faster, simpler material handling
  • Higher picking and palleting throughput
  • Improved warehouse and logistics safety
  • Reduced labor costs

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