COGNEX helps ensure product quality and reduce manufacturing costs

As a world leader in machine vision, we are proud to partner with Cognex as a PSI.

Founded in 1981 by Dr. Robert J. Shillman, the resident expert on human visual perception at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), COGNEX was bootstrapped by Dr. Stillman’s life savings. That year, along with two graduate MIT students, Dr. Shillman and his bright team worked tirelessly to produce the first vision system, DataMan, in 1982.

DataMan was the world’s first industrial optical character recognition(OCR) system that could verify the quality of letters, numbers, and symbols used on products. Their first customer was a typewriter manufacturer whom DataMan helped ensure that all the letter keys were in the correct position. 

After proving their concept, COGNEX found market demand among semiconductor and electronics industries. The rest is history. Machine vision is a critical component in nearly every step of manufacturing semiconductors, and COGNEX technology was at the forefront of developing these applications for the industry. Their significant contribution to semiconductor manufacturing has been recognized by the Semiconductor Manufacturers International. 

Today, COGNEX excels in helping customers automate and streamline their manufacturing processes with vision systems, sensors, software, and industrial barcode readers. The company went public in 1989. You may find it on the Nasdaq stock market under the symbol CGNX. 

Experienced leader and continuous innovator

With nearly 40 years of experience developing and iterating on machine vision technology, COGNEX continues to innovate and help customers ensure product quality by eliminating production errors while reducing manufacturing costs. Specific applications include:

  • Monitoring product lines
  • Detecting defects
  • Guiding assembly robots
  • Tracking and identifying production parts

COGNEX’s InSight Deep Learning (InSight ViDi) – the world’s first industrial smart camera powered by deep learning software to resolve issues with in-line inspection in automotive, consumer electronics, medical devices, and other industries. With a unique focus on vision, COGNEX is dedicated to pushing the limits to create the ideal machine vision solutions for a variety of needs. 

COGNEX is headquartered near Boston in Natick, Massachusetts. It has offices throughout North America in fourteen states as well as locations in South America, Europe, and Asia to serve customers around the world. 

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