Enerpac is the trusted name when it comes to high-pressure hydraulic solutions, controlled force products, and heavy load-bearing equipment.

A global brand with a presence in 22 countries, Enerpac is helping companies of varying forms and purposes make a mark in their respective markets.

System Components, Accessories, and Service Parts

Already using an Enerpac hydraulic system? Use only original Enerpac System Components to maintain its efficient operation through the years.
Enerpac also manufactures general parts and accessories such as adapters, couplings, extensions, connectors, O-rings, gaskets, and valve plugs that you can use for any other equipment maintenance requirements.

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Popular Products & Categories

High-pressure Hydraulic Cylinders

There’s an Enerpac hydraulic cylinder for every need and for any commercial or industrial environment. From general purpose to high-tonnage construction cylinders, Enerpac has your pulling, pushing, lifting, bending, or holding requirements covered.

Specialty Lifting Products

Need help with the heavy lifting? Enerpac is the expert’s choice for high-force lifting equipment. Headlining this product range is the signature POW’R-RISER lifting jacks. Also available is a broad range of aluminum and steel hand jacks, industrial-grade bottle jacks, spread cylinders and lifting wedges, and hydraulic machine lifts.

Hydraulic and Mechanical Pullers

Enerpac’s comprehensive range of pullers comes in a variety of sizes and capacities to suit both entry-level and high-level production systems. You can also choose between hydraulic and mechanical solutions. Built with high-strength steel alloys, you can count on these tools to endure years’ worth of safe, trouble-free, and heavy-duty use.

Hydraulic Presses

Available in a variety of configurations (bench, C-frame, arbor, H-frame and roll-frame), Enerpac hydraulic presses provide a solution for every application. Easily customizable, they can handle load capacities ranging from 10 to 200 tons. The frames are welded, instead of bolted, so expect only the highest level of sturdiness – resulting in years of dependable service.

Hydraulic Pumps

There’s no question about the versatility of Enerpac’s line of hydraulic pumps. These products are available in over 1,000 different configurations to suit any requirement – whether you need speed, control, intermittent function, or heavy duty performance. You can also choose from manual, air, electric/battery, or gasoline-powered models.

Mechanical and Hydraulic Bolting Tools

Designed for heavy-duty performance without compromising your safety, Enerpac bolting tools are perfect for operations like joint assembly, joint separation, and controlled tightening. The product line includes torque wrenches, torque multipliers, bolting pumps, and tensioners.

Mechanical and Hydraulic Industrial Tools

Take minor maintenance matters into your own hands. Enerpac offers a wide range of dedicated tools to help you keep your production line or workshop running efficiently and safely at all times. From maintenance kits, to load skates, to cable cutters, Enerpac has the perfect solution for every problem.

Workholding Tools

For powerful clamping and positioning force to hold components steady and secure, turn to Enerpac’s full range of workholding tools. This line includes the exclusive workholding cylinder series that is ideal for punching and clamping in automotive manufacturing.

System Components

If your hydraulic system has an Enerpac pump, valve or cylinder, make sure you only use Enerpac System Components. They are all engineered to the most exacting standards to ensure efficient operation and extend the life of your hydraulic equipment. Enerpac… built to take the pressure!

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