Automated Material Handling Reimagined

Seegrid Palion™ autonomous mobile robots are unlike any other infrastructure-free AMR on the market. Their navigation technology is the most robust, reliable on the market with over 7 million autonomous production miles driven.

Seegrid AMRs drive real results – increasing throughput, improving safety and reducing labor costs for some of the world’s largest brands. Palion AMRs are the proven solution for manufacturing, warehousing and logistics material handling.

Options That Optimize Workflow

Seegrid Palion AMRs transform material handling and drive results, achieving hands-free flexibility that increases productivity and reduces cost.

Palion Lift – Seamless spearing, transport and drop-off
Palion Lift AMRs provide safe and reliable end-to-end task automation for low-lift processes, automating material movement to and from storage, staging areas and workcells.

Palion Pallet Truck – Flexible transport capabilities and vertical handling of goods
Palion Pallet Truck AMRs deliver payloads to drop locations every time with no manual touches. They detect and pick up pallets and bulk containers using precise placement and payload detection to ensure quality delivery.

Palion Tow Tractor – Reduce trips with reliable horizontal movement of multiple heavy loads.
Easily trained by users during live production, Palion Tow Tractor delivers multiple payloads in one trip for efficient material movement, reducing downtime while increasing units per hour.

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