Vendor Managed Inventory

Vendor Managed Inventory services for better cost control

We help organizations be more cost-effective with custom VMI programs that drive down overall expenditures.

By consolidating the time and cost for your in-house inventory management, including personnel, number of stocking locations and the time needed to handle stock, we become more than just a distributor, we become a partner in successfully maintaining your inventory.

We offer programs where the goods are either consigned or non-consigned and kept in-stock at your warehouse or plant. Typically, consigned stock remains owned by us until you use it. Non-consigned stock is yours as soon as you take delivery. Regardless, it’s our job to monitor inventory levels so you never run out.

Our Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) programs reduce administrative and operating costs because there are fewer order problems caused by bad data, fewer emergency orders due to stock-outs, a more consistent order process (typically 4% to 6% fewer orders), fewer returns of “dead” inventory and reduced transportation costs because of less need for emergency orders.

And we help our customers recognize and exploit order consolidation opportunities.

Your complete in-house inventory management solution

  • Complete stock replenishment
  • Inventory ordering, logistics, shipping, refill and stock counting
  • Pull inventory quickly and efficiently based on production needs
  • Effectively reducing your lead-time to zero
  • Remove variability from the delivery process
  • Improve the accuracy of your inventory

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