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JUN-AIR is a leading manufacturer and supplier of quiet air compressors, serving a global client base that spans more than 100 countries around the globe. Sleek, versatile, and long-lasting, JUN-AIR products are the ideal solutions for the following industries:

  • Dental
    JUN-AIR air compressors work ideally for dental facilities that require clean and dry compressed air.

  • Health care
    From clinics to operation rooms, JUN-AIR’s high-performance and low-noise air compressors complement the skills of the world’s best medical professionals.

  • Laboratory
    JUN-AIR air compressors are great for facilities that perform gas generation, zero-air generation, Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy (FT-IR), and nitrogen generation.

  • OEM (original equipment manufacturing)
    JUN-AIR’s versatile air compression solutions are approved for use in a wide range of OEM applications such as beverage dispensers and graphic design equipment.

Learn more about JUN-AIR’s exceptional range of compressors and cabinets:

Jun Air Products

Rocking Piston

Quiet & Clean Air Series

Blaze into the future with JUN-AIR’s latest generation of low-noise, high-efficiency air compressors.

Oil-less pistons

Enjoy the same high standard of functionality – effective air compression at low noise levels – with the advantages of minimal maintenance and improved product longevity. Oil-less pistons operate without lubrication, minimizing your maintenance requirements. And with fewer moving parts, you can rest assured that wear and tear is kept to a minimum over a long time.

JUN-AIR oil-less pistons are available in base unit and cabinet unit designs. Some models include built-in dryers.

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Oil-less rocking pistons

The OF Series represents JUN-AIR’s robust rocking piston air compressor line. Built to handle the demands of today’s most productive enterprises, they are designed for quiet operation that will last decades.

JUN-AIR oil-less rocking pistons are ideal solutions in laboratories, medical and dental clinics, beverage dispensers, and gas generating facilities. They are available in base unit and cabinet unit designs. Some models also include built-in dryers.

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Quiet Air Series

Trusted by dental professionals across the world – with many units still in perfect working condition through 25 years of use – JUN-AIR’s original oil-lubricated quiet compressor line is a testament to the enduring quality and reliability that only this brand provides.

Lubricated compressors

Breaking away from the mold by not using traditional piston rings, JUN-AIR’s oil-lubricated compressors offer an outstanding solution for effective and inconspicuous air compression. Not only does this limit noise levels below 45 dB(A), it also makes more efficient use of energy while keeping heat generation at a minimum. With minimal wear and tear, your device lasts longer through the years.


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Rotary Vane

Original JUN-AIR Accessories

Keep your JUN-AIR air compressor in tip-top shape with original replacement components and accessories. JUN-AIR’s range of original parts includes combination filters that reduce oil, replacement valve plates and piston seals, and even trolleys that make your compressor easier to move around.

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